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Work On The New Album?

Work On The New Album?
March 31, 2018

Actually, the rumor that we will soon hear finally what of the legendary US Prog-Metal pioneers PSYCHOTIC WALTZ is, since the reunification of 2011. So slowly the process seems to be but finally got going, so that Fans of the Band may be able to stop soon finally have a proper successor to “Bleeding” in your hands, which is not a Bootleg and not a B-side.

On the Facebook page of the Band, Devon Graves. K. a. Buddy Lackey, accordingly, announced that he is finally on the new Album could, without distractions of any kind to fight to have:

“I finally got all my outside projects done! Now I feel so ready for working on this new album without distraction. I’ll do my best to keep you all posted, and it begins...”

How long it will take until the all takes concrete shape and we see the first cut-outs, perhaps even the first Song can hear, it is not clear from the Posts of the Band so far. Nevertheless, the work appears to be process in full swing.


The American Prog metallers are wrapped in the scene with their Full-Length debut “A Social Grace” and, above all, with its successor “Into The Everflow” powerful and have published with both of these plates are two highly esteemed albums. After its dissolution, the members, Devon Graves, with various side projects, including, among other things, also THE SHADOW THEORY , and dead soul TRIBE.


In 1990 A Social Grace
1992: Into The Everflow
1994: Mosquito
1996: Bleeding


Devon Graves – Vocals, Flute, Keyboard
Dan Rock – Guitar
Brian McAlpin – Guitar
Ward Evans – Bass
Norm Leggio – Drums, Percussion