Aesthetics Of Decay - Steel Inferno

Better late than never ...

... is well, you may come up with, when one receives a slice to the review a year and a half after the official release! But the hole in it, to Danish/Polish/French Steel Inferno worthy of all possible publicity of their debutskive here. Steel Inferno is in no way a band that has any intention to reinvent the wheel; the name of the game here is the old school thrashet heavy/speed metal, and from the first strum on the guitar and drums tonses that away in the best 80's style, rooted in bands like old Helloween, Agent Steel and many others could be mentioned. The sound is shaved all the way down, have a delicious treble and helps to emphasise this attribute of the Steel Inferno.

For Karen, also when the

Steel Inferno distinguishes itself by having a female figurehead, namely Karen Collatz, and she is in high degree to give the band a totally unique expression, with its angry and aggressive vocals. Yes, in fact she sounds like a real common scold, when she really gives it gas. Her vocals will definitely share the waters, but I think it fits perfectly with the band's style, and it gives them a little a tinge of the good old bands such as Holy Moses and Znöwhite. The numbers on the disc is catchy as a wildfire, and there is a pure cornucopia of cool riffs and a drummer who does not need to play perfectly, but just play by the riffene. That just works!

The steel Inferno burning through

All the numbers on the Aesthetics of Decay burn through, and I, for my part, can not sit still, when the three district rolls out of the speakers, and your finger will automatically find playknappen again, when the tones of the last track, "to End All Wars", rindet out! It is simply music that makes your spirits great, and then Steel Inferno have big applause for having recorded a cover of one of my ultimate favorite tracks from the Danish heavy metal scene, namely Kim Sixx-number "Magic Sword", as the band makes their own, with big respect for the original number! For the cave, I look forward to hearing more from the here edge!

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