Against the Odds - Crisix

With all the odds

In the beginning I was undervældet of Against the Odds. It is not as catchy as its predecessor, and therefore I found it more chaotic. It has since played out tremendously up and stands as yet another testimony of Crisix's considerable abilities. The Odds are tough, aggressive, fast, and loud from one end to the other. Genuine surprises there are not many, and it should not need to be. The Odds will certainly delight Crisix's own fans, just like the enraptured me, and will also go in directly with fans of Municipal Waste, Overkill and Havok.

Vamos since I had the puta!

In november 2016 played the Catalan Crisix themselves on the map with their third studio album, From Blue to Black. HMDK's own Daniel Wilkens could not get my arms down and returned the favor with the whole ten freshly harvested skulls, as well as the comment "It is quite simply some of the coolest thrash I have heard in many years." I can think of competitors for the throne, but I, too, was carried away by Crisix' propensity for fun and mischief in equal amounts. Already one and a half years after Crisix back with "Against the Odds, and they ask that you please keep your mouth shut and turn the ears out.

A little less fun, a little more trouble

Crisix' style is liberating simple: The jokker the nail in the bottom and take the turns as they come. On the Odds , you will find thrashriffs, thrashtrommer, thrashvokaler and more thrashriffs. Thereto is added punkindflydelser in the form of banderåb (or "Bøllekor", Wilkens said it) and tons of attitude. Lead singer Julian Báz has shut a lot of anger inside lately, and he is not late to share it.

This agenda is hammered firmly from the very beginning with the initial trio, where one song is angrier and faster than the other. We when right up to the early peak, "Perseverance", before the guys release the accelerator just a moment with a chewy thrashhyldestsang, which is at once engaging and hard-hitting. The rest of the album follows suit with a mixture of anger, tributes and angry tributes. Crisix deserve once again praise for cutting to the chase; 36 summary minutes shall be distributed on the 9 songs, which ensures that the intensity is not compromised in the least.

In comparison with From Blue to Black , there are fortunately few changes. Festligheden from, for example, "G. M. M." and "Psycho Crisix the World" has been replaced by anger, so no "shit-fuck-shit-fuck" banderåb. Against the Odds , also contains fewer hooks, so it needs to turn a few times before it stuck. Finally guitarduoen Busqué and Requena abandoned to voice spaderne deeper, and has instead acquired a few syvstrengede, as shown above; in particular, on "the Leech Breeder".

Behind the console there is nothing new: the master is just as loud and guitarpræget as its predecessor, and either it is such a group prefer it, or also it is how to Listenable Records prefer it.

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