It is not only you, it is me

It has not been easy to acknowledge that I'm not terribly excited for Harakiri For The Sky, for the purely musical, the insanely talented. They have an ear for good music, and they are skilled musicians, but the result is, to put it mildly disappointing. I have tried to compare their previous releases with this to find out if it is them or me, there is something wrong with, and the conclusion must be that it's probably not just me. For although I find myself quite well in an atmospheric post-black universe, I must admit that it is probably not right is Harakiri, which is the center of my musical galaxy.

Enterprising gentlemen

You can't accuse messrs "JJ" and "MS" to lie on the let side. Just at the edge of the two years have passed since the Trauma, went into the country and riveted the our reviewer with its atmospheric and dynamic harmonies. But enthusiasm notwithstanding, there was, however, a few elements, which pulled the overall score down. For though the austrian post-black-metallere have an ear for good tunes, was the experience of a long drawn-out, and the big question is then: Avoid this time to tread water in purely musical?

Riffsalat and discrete gab

The answer is a big and resounding "NO"! All seven tracks have a spillelængde at eight minutes plus, and though it is not hectic and thrashet black metal, we as listeners are exposed to, it is difficult to justify that the numbers are so long. The good songs and equally good intentions drowning simply in a hotchpotch of background noise, and I have the two weeks, I have struggled to learn to love Arson, not found love, other than a glimpse of. For even though they take all sorts of time on a plate, which on paper sounds like the best idea on this side of sliced bread, goes the very same time too slowly, and the aforementioned sporadic bright spots are too few and rare, I surrender me. Furthermore, I am in no way fond of the vocals, which are far along the road becomes tiring to listen to. Turn off the music, and you have a tone of voice which is better suited to the core-the genre – not that it bothers me, that there will be mixed criss-cross. But unfortunately, there is no passion to sense in it, no variation, and only two places I have noted to me that hiding emotions in the vocals, and this one is the very last tone in the otherwise quite good "Spouses".

And precisely what the number is, purely musical, one of the highlights on a plate term, despite seems to me anonymous in length. The quiet passages suits them well, and trommespillet is simply eminent. It ought to, hand on heart, have been purely instrumental, since the vocals as I said are not contributing anything positive. Despite a bombastic and promising start dwindling enthusiasm, as the record progresses. "Heroin Waltz" offers even more formidable drumming and the other the heartfelt howl, and "You Are The Scars" are reminiscent of Ghost Bath – but the overall impression will be marred by long passages with the generic riffing, and it is sateme sin, I would damn sure like to be able to like it here more than I do.

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