Astral Sabbat [ep] - Jess and the Ancient Ones

Occult 60's acid rock Jess And The Ancient Ones released their debut album in the summer of 2012 and is now ready with the EP Astral Sabbath. Occult rock is probably the best label to throw at this band. The EP draws back from the psychedelic rock from the 60's, with lyrics focused on the occult topics. This is not something we do so much in here on, but I thought to give it a chance, after having heard their debut, which also have roots in the hard rock. The hard rock is harder to find here. You need ten minutes to go in the almost 15 minutes long slutnummer "More Than Living", before there comes something pace. The band is working hard to build the occult mood, who will lead the thoughts to a heksesabbat. But to run naked around in the woods, on acid is probably also a form of ritual. In any case it is more the vibe I get. Jess And The Ancient Ones paint it here with no less than three guitars and an old hammond organ that screams 60s! As well as the effects on Jess' vocals, which phasing and overdrive, and a strange stuttering on the "Astral Sabbath". These effects can make it sound poorly produced, but the rest of the mix fails the not anything. I choose not to give Astral Sabbath any character, as it is in places far from our main themes, and the weird effects on the vocals makes it impossible to say whether it is fat or not. I report also this EP because their debut was more fierce rocket, where the Astral Sabbath is much more syrerocket. It is also a lack on the better to the get the genre of Hard Rock. Tracklist: Astral Sabbath Long And Lonesome Road More Than Living

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