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At The Caves Of Eternal - Zombiefication

Zombiefication is ready with yet another sour eructation in the form of their second full-length album 'In the caves of eternal'. The band is a relatively unique existence if you take the band's Mexican origin into account. For people that connects the gulf of dødsskole with moods that bear the stamp of the abysmal forfeiture and olm atmosphere, not least acquired through an unmistakable cave production, goes Zombiefication by other ways, most to the left, someone will probably argue when the sound of Entombeds Left hand path and other Swedish conspirators at works, not at least characterize the sound of this disc. In contrast to their debut, it must be said that the band has chosen to play down the Left hand path influence, though this again reminds peculiar much about the resurgent band Entrails, even a few angry swedes. The sound is as I said is very scandinavian marked, both in production as well as composition, and this does in no way Zombiefication to offer up to dødsdans with their straight-out-of the-road style that suits well to their razor-sharp testoron - filled production that allows the instruments hit the listener like a freight train, albeit a very velpoleret and nice looking freight train. The mexican gentlemen are not, however, just one among the countless exponents of the Swedish dødsskole, they have also been on a trip further south and get inspiration from hr. Warrior and co. from their Two mega Therion slice, specified from a specific number 'The Usurper' if one main riff has been dug up by the cemetery once again on the song 'Disembodied Souls'. Also they are not (equal)pale to throw in some mosh-friendly punk riffs into the mix as a sublime show as in the song 'The Mist'. The style that the band is going for here is heard countless times before, it is a used but usable form that does not at least come to its right in a livesammenhæng, where mexikanerne definitely would be able to do with the material on this album. There are several catchy riffs, fat (meat)hooks and a more than competent drummer that draws the material substantially up with his fårehammer fondness during the whole of the disc. With a slice like this it is always difficult to make a final settlement. Some people acknowledge the style ,as Zombiefication which is the exponent here,will without a doubt keep Ín the caves of eternal' in high demand, while people who are more into death, black, dødsskolen will pass the album as a solid but not very memorable proposal. Taking this into consideration, there may finally be mentioned that Zombiefication is certainly not a søvnindyssende Entombed copy, they will not get your local pastor to dejse, but he should have enough for a ride in the laundry room to get changed underdrenge. Tracklist: 1. At the Caves of Eternal-05:21 2. Disembodied Souls 03:47 3. Soul Collector 05:09 4. In the Mist 03:41 5. Passage of Darkness 05:09 6. In the Gallery of Laments 05:26 7. The Crypt 05:31 8. In the Shadowed Garden 04:41 9. Slaves Whisper Your Name 06:15

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