Avatar Country - Avatar

Fat concept takes the upper hand

The album ends with two instrumental songs, which very well sums up the album: a delicious, well-written metalensemble, "Silent Night Part 2", and a musical no matter song "Silent Night Part 1", which instead plays an important satirical role. Because the concept several times overprioriteres in relation to the musical structure of the songs, the album does not come up higher than 7/10 skulls. However, there are several great tracks and, as usual, on Avatar records, an exciting theme, so Avatar Country must certainly be heard anyway!

Expect the unexpected

Avatar is not like the other kids in the class. Instead of black t-shirts and denim trousers has the strange clothes from the 1800s on and ignore completely the movements, as the rest of the metal world follows. From a starting point in the melodic death metal, which soon was added valsetakter and countrymelodier, is the group now sprung out in full genreforvirring. The new album Avatar Country follows this jump and breaking with the expectations for the spontaneous band.

Hofnarre play kings

A concept album in which all songs is about one and the same person, the King (with large K) in the invented universe of "Avatar Country". A glance into a world far from our own. But still hit the Avatar's new album, entitled close to home. The songs are packed with hidden social criticism. The line "I don't know why we're fighting. I just know that we're going" from "The King Wants You" is in fact a fingers to kommunitarismen, which requires that the citizen sacrifice for the society. The speech on "The King Speaks" to ridicule the billedbladsagtige enthusiasm for the royal family that still exist in the nordic countries. The people erupt in wild cheers when the king announces that he" took ... a bath this morning". Avatar shows on the way some of the absurd things that democracy has freed us from. It is exciting in a time when democracy is challenged in many ways – and it's done in an entertaining and very Avatar-like way.

Even though the Avatar of the Country charts a new course for the five such as black funeral-clowns, there is a clear konneks to the previous release Feathers And Flesh, which also moved away from many of the elements that the band has had with them from dødsmetallen. Valsetakterne replaced on both albums of the more rhythmic beatslag, while the songs are more experimental. The music has taken a turn, while the madness and the creativity is still screwed up on the box. But underholdningsaspektet is maybe screwed too much up in relation to the music on the current album. Some of the songs get a little boring in comparison to the previous Avatarudgivelser, and is not as explosive and groovy as in the past. Here I think of "The King welcome's You to the Avatar of the Country" and the "King After King". The concept seems to come before the music, which the album suffers a little under. The songs "Legend Of The King", and "A Statue Of The King," is there good walk in, but with only six real songs on the album, it requires in general some stronger numbers.

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