Bastard - Kat

Where are we going?

Stahlmann is, for me, just a kopiband, which just as well could have started out with "Which" and "Slime" which is really not something innovative in their album. Be preserved, it seems to, they have a party when they are out to play live, but the music must also capture, when it is consulted on a slice. And it does not here. It is dull, bland and uninteresting.

I rather like that there was kept a super expensive price tag of a kind that was expressed, what the various members of the band like to would like to try. Now they have five albums with the same kind of monotonous music . Fair enough, if that is what you can, and you can sell the plates on the groundwork others have done, let that be it. But snylten the work of others fall unfortunately not in the good land with me. The reason I can't sneak me longer than three skulls, and I have been friendly.

Where something gives success, follows the other

Stahlmann is a part of the wave that was most known, after the Song, where the genre of Neue Deutsche Härte – the New German Hardness – was defined and clarified. Stahlmann is in the category several times been described as being the next Band, if there may be a need for this.

The Bastard is the fifth plate, we see from the German group, which until now lacks a real breakthrough, since they have not yet managed to break commercially through on the charts, but only worked as a gimmick band for concerts.

Either will you, or will you not

When you listen to the Bastard, and Stahlmann in general, it is the same recipe that is being used every time. The deep, clean vocals, sometimes with a little growl. The hard guitar riffs, the underlying bass, the sharp patter and a little electronic background to support the industrial tone. There will not be deviated from the recipe at any time through the whole album.

Unfortunately it does completely, as if you have listened to too much Rammstein, and then think: "we can damn well do so.". But when you choose to copy the other almost directly, it should be done as a tributeband, and not just direct copying. That should you might have used the time and the energy to look in the direction of the other, look at what they have done and found a way to make it his own. It works, unfortunately, all too much, as if one is riding on the success of others.

The music and production itself is however sharp. There is nothing to point to that. The different elements gets the space they need to have, the transition from number to number is also, where it should be, and the 40 minutes we get served, is just so long, you want to use on this dial, without you father too much away. It can happen, since there is no true difference in the different numbers, but just the same again and again, with the new rhythm and poetry.

When you go to their material through and trying to find something, where they stand out, I will be returning to their concerts, where they, in reference to their band name – Stålmand - paint himself silver and go with the masks. Again a thing that is seen before, where it's just copied, without taking ownership of the gimmick you are trying to make themselves known.

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