Black Heaven - Earthless

Immersive and great-sounding

Earthless, who are now signed to Nuclear Blast along with genre-frænderne in among the other Graveyard and Blues Pills, have often been the psych rock label pasted on. There, however, I would hasten to add that there is at least just as much stoner and classic rock on the palette, and enjoy one of these genres, you should not cheat themselves of Black Heaven.
The disc contains, unfortunately, only six numbers and is already over after a playing time of 40 minutes. It is regrettable, but when the quality is as it is, makes it not so much. The music is tremendously great-sounding and riveting, and it is definitely easily available material, Earthless has released.

The band can also be experienced in the pump casing, in Copenhagen, on Thursday. 12. april – attendance is mandatory for all fans of classic heavy guitars inspired!

There grows no moss on a shingle


Now also with the song

Earthless was formed in 2001 in San Diego and have since their debut, Sonic Prayer, from 2005, the game instrumental, semi-improvised psych rock tracks with roots in classic rock. Now, on their fifth langspiller, throw the guitarist, Isaiah Mitchell, vocals on some of the numbers, and it is a really cool improvement! Black Heaven is a pleasure to listen to for all of us who love old wine in old bottles.

The Rock that moves

It is not many seconds, you must listen to åbningsnummeret, "Gifted By the Wind", before one starts to nod along to the rhythm. The Jimi Hendrix'happen wah-wah pedal, which initially shows how it is done, leads gently the listener into a riff that is somewhat reminiscent of Ram Jam classic "Black Betty" and then we started with a good game of superfed and well-written rock, there are swings and shifts, just as it should.
Also to be true to his past is two of the numbers, the short "Volt Rush" and the eight minute-long title track, instrumental. It gives a bold variation on the plate, and gets even the old fans to still feel at home in the Earthless universe.

The inspiration from legends such as the aforementioned Hendrix, but also Cream and Led Zeppelin, is not to be mistaken. On an absurdly delicious bottom from drummer Mario Rubalcaba and bassist Mike Eginton get Isaiah Mitchell oceans of space to unfold its otherwise quite tasty vocals, but certainly also its delicate, groovy riffs that leaves the listener's face in a fine, delightful folds. Here is absolutely nothing new under the sun, as compared with the band's role models, but the hold is quite firm where it works. Add to that that the output also, just as it should be: completely dry as dust and uperfekt in the perfect way.

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