Blodsvept - Finntroll

The Finnish trolls are back in terrific form

Fintroll is one of the many Finnish folk metal bands with success. The stands, however, in combining folk with black metal. They were formed in 1997, and their debut album was released in 2001. Then they were afflicted by the accident, when their guitarist got a malicious node in the throat, and had to withdraw. But it returned after a year's time, and so it went forward (with the exception of a lead vocalist, who fell down from a bridge and died). Now they have released sixth studio album, Blodsvept, and it is certainly no disappointment.

The album begins with the title track "Blodsvept", where the intro (presumably) is a troll who runs, and then the roar of a. Just after starting the song itself, and it goes quite fine. The song is very solid in a mid-tempo, and you can easily hear their use of special instruments, without taking the upper hand. A little over halfway there's a quiet piece, something that no one has looked at in any case, Nifelvind, but it works anyway very well. It gives more variation, and are also not used too much, so the energy is there all the way through. On the second track, "Ett People Förbannat", is the pace set up, and the volume is turned up a bit for the special instruments. However, it does seem even better than before, and you can, in spite of the quiet pieces that don't work so well here, still not be there to rock out with. The same can be on the third, fourth and fifth number, although the pace has put substantial down. Moreover, it works very well, and is really velpillede each in their own way, some more international than others.

The seventh track, "Skogsdotter", is my personal favorite. It starts with an almost western-like intro, especially the drums brillierer, and the interaction between the guitar and special instruments is almost perfect. How is it throughout the song, also when there is extra pace. The song is generally very fast, and all the instruments and the vocals play just so perfect together. It is just before, that this one song lifts the album, and stands at least for that one skull. The song has not, however, a special end of the year, and slipping just over in the next, which is called "Häxbrygd" and is one of the album's quieter songs. It works, however, is also very good. The next unique song comes straight afterwards in the form of "Två Ormar", which has a flavour I can't really put a finger on what is. It reminds me of something the swing with a little jazz, but don't hang me up on it. Regardless of what it is, so function it however, super good, and gives a large part of the variation. The slipping over in the second last track, "Fanskapsfylld", as most of everything is a continuation, with a little more energy, and a little less of it udsævanlige mark we heard on "Två Ormar". The album ends with "Midvinterdraken", which has a quiet intro. Here comes the troll from the "Blodsvept" also again. The song is one of the quiet, but solid, and at the same time, they make really good use of their special instruments here, and it is also here the most brutal piece on the album comes roughly halfway through the track. The number is a really good end to the album, among other things, because of the troll who comes again at the beginning, and make a "home again"-feeling. Moreover, the song is quiet, but not the most quiet track on the album.

Personally I better like Blodsvept, than I like Nifelvind. Blodsvept is more varied, a tad more lyttervenligt, but even fatter. It is less atmospheric, but it is easier to imagine the song than it is on Nifelvind. Forsangerens deeps has not changed very much on Blodsvept, but it is clearer. It growles, however, still in Swedish, so you can't understand very much anyway. This is seen not as a criticism, and the album gets my warmest recommendations. Who knows, perhaps it will Fintrolls answers on the Black Album?


1. Blodsvept 2. Ett People Förbannat 3. När Jättar Marschera 4. Mordminnen 5. Rösets Kung 6. Skövlarens Death 7. Skogsdotter 8. Häxbrygd 9. Två Ormar 10. Fanskapsfylld 11. Midvinterdraken

I could not find Skogsdotter, so I must settle for the next best thing: the title Track Blodsvept.

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