Catharsis - As Hell Retreats

Machine Head goes from the courage and innovation to the mess and irritation.

Masterful Machine Head
The heading has been used immensely many times, and rightly so. The american groove/thrashmaskine have since their debut Burn My Eyes (1994 buldret off and given us amazing albums along the way. Well yes, there were just two still hotly debated albums around the turn of the millennium, where there was been writing rap songs and flirted a little with nu-metal, but we will return to.

In addition to the phenomenal debut, as well as, among other things, the fabulous The Blackening (2007) Unto The Locust (2011), the band has also always been the guarantors of amazing concerts. That's why all of us fans completely automatically pretty high expectations, when the quartet publisher new. But we should not have this time. It proclaimed frontman Robb Flynn, in each case, already a few months ago; one would not expect an album in line with it, the band tends to deliver. The new album, Catharsis, would be more straightforward and less thrashet as usual. And yes, it must give the man the right in.

From tåkrummende, to the sublime and back again
Without being outright konceptalbums have Machine Heads releases have always been thorough, with the focal point on a particular theme and with a clear red thread. The well-composed numbers have often been perfectly balanced between the complex and the available, and after completing the through listening of the band's last four albums, I, the undersigned, been blown backwards by the enthusiasm with subsequent cheers of the band's abnormally high technical level.
Up to the writing of the latest disc, the Catharsis, the band however wanted to try something new. Away with perfectionism, technical nørklerier and year-long planning process of the new album. This time would the music come all by itself. The spontaneity, fearlessness and general dressing of the yes-hat seems to have been the band's dogma, and this has resulted in fifteen new songs out - on good and evil. The most sore.

The plate starts in the usual Machine Head-style with the heavy "Volatile", and genhørsglæden flows quickly in the seasoned fan. Get shouted and screamed, played fast and hard and everything is in perfect order. There is nothing to suggest that the band has gone over to something "not so thrashet" - so far. For the subsequent fall momentum namely a clue with the first two singles from the disc, the title track "Catharsis" plus the decidedly boring "Beyond The Pale", and then follows the rædderlige punk-rock "California Bleeding" and the hip hop'ede "Triple Beam", which in the best (host) Limp Bizkit-style rap and heavy beats looking mind back on the fourth of The Burning Red (1999) Supercharger (2001). Five tracks of very varied style and quality, and it is frankly something damn mess.

However, it continues. Without that we will go through detailed descriptions of each of the fifteen intersections, is the Catharsis, in short, a roller coaster ride that comes about, what genre, and not least quality. Together with the aforementioned opening is the songs "Screaming To The Sun" and "Heavy Lies The Crown" sovereign numbers, which shows why Machine Head are among the very greatest. A number as "Bastards" is, however, a fireakkorders folk song about the world's ugly state, as Robb Flynn has written to his children. It is catchy, but also a bit annoying and would be much better priority as bonustrack above for its location in the middle of the plate – and unfortunately, the "Bastards" are not alone. Several of the plate numbers are of so low standard, and stylistically divergent, they evokes the sense of wonder in the seasoned fan. Be preserved, it is cool enough to think out of the box, be spontaneous and flow with the flow, but it can also be too much.

It is not Catharsis, Machine Head will be remembered for
Short and good is Catharsis a bit of a disappointment. You may recognize the band's desire to attack the creation process of an album from new angles, but in this case it does not work. The almost manic control and the fixed tag in the reins, as Robb Flynn all the days have had, has been let; where creative freedom is good and can be extremely liberating, too much freedom also result in a lack of structure, and it is very much the case here.
It is very courageous to Machine Head on several numbers jump small twenty years back in time and again the sauces around in the rap, nu-metal and hiphoprytmer. Bravely, it is also, to throw a number as the "Bastards" on the record, as well as several others that also fall completely out of the context. But courage is not always unconditionally good.

Out of the fifteen tracks, there are three really good, a handful of really bad and a remaining amount of the right so bland. Said with other words: Three awesome numbers in his usual style, a handful of which experimented too much and a remaining amount, which sounds like a sour version of Linkin Park. And then there is not the shadow of a red thread.
Despite the bile and disappointment, however, I hope that we will see you in Vega at the spring. Machine Head are an excellent live band, and if they only deliver half as fat as they used to be, I am satisfied. But up to the concert, it becomes hardly Catharsis, I warm up with.

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