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Clone of the Universe - Fu Manchu

...is what you get

Even though the Clone of the Universe is a solid release from the american veterans, is it not their very best release. The numbers are unmistakable Fu Manchu, everything is as usual and it rocks. However, is the album's real-time – when you look away from the "Il Mostro Atomico" – for short. Six real numbers, and a long jam is not enough to be a top rated. But the album is nice and varied with lots of cool riffs and hooks, and I don't doubt for a second that the band's fans will be delighted with the disc. It is also signed, and therefore, the lands we on eight happy skulls.

Marathon-jam is the highlight on the solid release from the stoner-veterans.


Less is more

Us stoner rock legends Fu Manchu, is now out with their twelfth album. The band was formed in 1990, had the first ten year's time some changes in the line-uppet, but since 2002 the group has consisted of its current line-up in the form of the gentlemen Scott Hill (vocals/guitar), Bob Balch (guitar), Brad Davis (bass) and Scott Reeder (drums).

Fu Manchu do not have the habit to make plates, which lasts much more than a half-hour. Clone of the Universe is also no exception – a 37-minute the fed ørkenrock and not so much nonsense.

What you see...

With the distinctive fuzzy sound throws the Fu Manchu out in the opener "Intelligent Worship", which, with its riffs and the energy is quickly recognizable to any fan. Then follows the equally riveting "(I've been) Hexed" and if you don't angle the bit with the head and tramples a little on the two and four at this point, one should seek immediate medical attention.

It rocks, it sounds good and you want more of the same. And it gets you; the Clone of the Universe continues in the same track, and peaking with the closing track "Il Mostro Atomico". On the previous album, Gigantoid, closed quartet the plate with an eight-minute long number, but this time we get a jam on the whole eighteen minutes to go home. "Il Mostro Atomico" consists really of four pieces, which are put together to one long, and mostly instrumental, jam. There is only a single verse, which is sung quite briefly – the rest is a terrific and delicious piece of half-progget stoner rock, where even Alex Lifeson from the legendary Rush helps. The number can't be emphasized enough, as it is the album's coolest track. You actually feel almost that you are on a listening a day, where the band has agreed to the free play in the rehearsal room. All fans of the genre should give the track a listen!

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