Cold Like War - We Came As Romans

No news is not good news

After several years of brok and dissatisfaction from the fans is WCAR gone back to the starting point, but seems not to have bestowed it a thought, to the same starting point is deeply outdated. The bosom wide with their hot-tempered and aggressive moments as well as radio friendly and melodic hooks, but despite the more electronic elements than in the past, this type of metalcore obsolete and it quickly becomes monotonous and boring.
When you don't have other things on their minds than a lot of superficial repetition of something old, can the character not be higher than five crushed skulls.

Fifth album from We Came As Romans are unoriginal and boring.


Back to the starting point

American We Came As Romans (WCAR) was formed in 2005 by a handful of high school friends, including Joshua Moore and Dave Stephens, and their debut album to Plant A Seed came in 2009.
It has since been to four albums and part replacements, and over the years also been some changes purely stylistically, changes that in several occasions has got the fans to rage along the way.
But in the context of the band's fifth album Cold Like War has the WCAR decided to return to the starting point - classical, melodic metalcore. The question is whether it is a good idea?

Lefleri for lost fans

Moore, Stephens and the rest of the boys in the sextet WCAR their stuff, it must conclude with the same. All the instruments sitting right in the cupboard, and production is also not a finger to put on Cold Like War. Hooks and melodies works also really fine, so why is nature as it is? Yes, it is on it regularly, because the material is simply too unoriginal. Number after number after number exposure for the band, which is heard so many times before, that one is almost surprised that it is 2017 on the album. Is maintained, the plate starts quite decent with the track "vulture's With Clipped Wings", which are followed on the fine show of the disc's title track, but away loses one quickly the interest for the all-too-sterile, extraneous and polished game of standard metalcore as Cold Like War is.

Quite bad getting it on the ballad "Promise Me" with autotune, three layers of butter and heart/pain poetry is decidedly terrible to get through. With regard to the bright spots to the aforementioned opening number highlighted on the new along with the primarily electronic number "Encoder", which gives the disc some much needed variation. But on the whole it seems to me actually a little strange that in 2017 choose to make a plate, that sounds so much like something that is made in the mid-00's. Think the band that lost fans return after this form of primitive leflen?

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