Der Rote Reiter - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Hör es dir an!

The album is a milestone for Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and giving the metal world a incredibly extensive album that shows that the English language does not have a monopoly on good heavymusik. The production is moved a level up compared to previous albums, so genrekaosset comes out of the speakers with a professional, modern quality. And when the album is first obtained, the ends of it, certainly, to one decides on the "Auf Und Nieder" in spite of the language barrier.

German music with international appeal

Germany's "grand old men" in the field of melodic death metal has this summer released a new album, Der Rote Reiter. The album is based on the mixed foundation, as Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (the apocalyptic riders) have built up since the beginning of the 00's, where they left the unadulterated extreme metal bands in favor of a more melodic and experimental style. With their now familiar mix of a jumble of genres, moves the band further and further up the charts.

Robust gallop through the genrekaos

With one delicious composition after the other moves the Der Rote Reiter through genrelandskabet. In addition to the metalcore elements on the first song, "Wir Sind Zurück", is also used stylistic features from the swing, death, people, German industrial, and symphonic metal. On the band's Facebook page says, among other Amon Amarth and Rammstein mentioned as sources of inspiration, which is clearly heard in the second track, the title song "Der Rote Reiter". The song begins with background music that abruptly interrupted by a crushing riff and deep growlvokal in the best melodeath-style. After about two minutes, comes the first of many departure, appearing on the plate; the thunderous drums come to rest and is interrupted by a gloomy, Till Lindemann-like vocals. It is some big, strong shift, but the songs get stuck anyway well together.

When an album stretching over as many songs as Der Rote Reiter do, can you, as a reviewer typically look for fyldsangene, as the album could have been without. However, this is in no way currently for Der Rote Reiter, who both hold a high-level and vary the song writing process all the way through. Speed decreases a little towards the end of the album, but it makes the power not, and it is clear that the band both musically and lyrically has something to say in every song. The lyric of course requires some knowledge of German in order to get it all over with (although a trip to Google Translate reveals the most part), but the language used in all the right ways, so the songs can easily be heard by an international audience - just like Rammstein and Die Toten Hosen have understood it, and completely without the awkward associations, some associate with German music.

You are left hungry for more on top of the red rider's ride; the folk music of the "The Great Escape" and "Brüder auf Leben und Tot" gives the desire for more people, like "Hört Mich An" and "Ich Nehm dir deine Welt" lets the band's dark side penetrate under the skin. No matter what genre, there is a walk in, is the classic heavyinstrumenters riffs and rhythms delicious and completed, but there are still profits to fire lots of alternative instruments and experiments upstairs, so the music at no time is it boring to listen to.

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