Elements - Atheist

Follow the old recipe

It is clear that the band follows the same old recipe, which they have followed in all the other years, with regard to the construction of the album: The mandatory German number, and the brutal opening. Of course, they have been forced to refine and improve the recipe along the way, but "as long as it works, don't fix it" seems to be their attitude. Despite this, I consider this album as close to a masterpiece almost from start to finish, performed by a band who know what they are doing, and how they should do it. If you have not already invested in this plate, you should really do it; it is a gem in any metalcore fans collection. Unfortunately, their predictability a little because of my character, which thus can not get right up above the clouds, but must hover around a little bit under them.

Caliban understands how to deliver real metalcore

If you need to find to the very essentials of how metalcore and deathcore just need sounds, then you have to look – and not least the ears – against Germany. Absolutely accurate against the band Caliban, who, with their more than 20 years of experience really knows how to deliver the goods and yet renew itself – here with their 11. album. In the Elements text is that this time taken is based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, to symbolize accomplishment, ideas, power, and emotions.

Harder, but more melodic

The band themselves have stated that the Elements have the desire to keep the very essence of their previous releases, but at the same time, to be heavier, better and more melodic. If they have become heavier, enough to discuss, but better and more melodic is the has been greatly. It is also not difficult to retain something of its essence, when you unlike most other bands that actually retains its line-up throughout his band career, and on average, supplies a new and good album every second year, much to the delight of us fans.

The album starts true to form straight on and hard and then get worked down a bit. Åbningsnummeret, "This is War", is one of the best metalcore tracks, I to date have heard and really shows what the band is molded. I understand simply not that they are not released this number as a single or as a YouTube video up to the album's release, but maybe they would just save the best for the album. Who knows?

The rest of the album offers several good intersections, each one more catchy than the other. My two personal favorites are "This is War" and "I am Fear". The perfect combination of grunts, clean voice, choir and the whole of the melodic performance river a with in the go, and for my part I had a hard time keeping the body and the yarn in peace. But also the German track, "Ich Blute Für Dich", clearly shows that the quality of the songs also can be played in their native language. A cutting, there also stands a part out, is "Carry On", which most of all sounds like a number, Linkin Park could have delivered – a cutting, which I am not entirely a fan of.

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