Endeligt - Nortt

Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal", how to describe Nortts music, and do you know depression/black/funeral doom, it is quite correct, though not especially idiomatic term for the black hole that is Final. Norther has made music for over 20 years and is, of my genrekyndige friends, been described as "the best of american black metal". If it is true, should I not be able to pronounce me on this, it is a category in itself.

The soundtrack to your (winter)depression
As we have mentioned countless times, is black metal an indefinite size. At home goes black metallen its commercial strength to strength, to both the delight and dismay in the diversity of the fan base. But what were believed about success and black metal are completely equal, when the speech falls on the Norther. For here is nothing to discuss. The man is secret, his music is difficult for outsiders, and he will probably never nominated for anything. On the whole, his music is so misanthropic and introverted, that it actually feels like I'm doing him a disservice by drawing attention to his existence. But you can make music that sounds like a depression, feels, should, as a minimum, be presented to the people, who know how something feels.

For it is, what it recalls. It is heavy, slow and sluggish in its expression. It is complete devoid of the zest for life and hope, and the sparse vocals reminiscent of a dying man's last words, on a lonely deathbed. There is minimal with the music, in the common sense, on Final, and there is no progression, just a grey in grey auditory landscape, at one and the same time is strangely soothing and immensely disturbing in its foot-dragging and åndsopgivende tungsindighed. In contrast to the previous release the Tomb, which turned 18 years old this year, there is almost nothing to download on the newest release, seen from a developmental perspective. It is almost as to follow the gradual deterioration of a person's quality of life, and now we have reached the point where he no longer wants to give expression to the pain, that slowly suffocates the person from the inside; this is the highest low point in spiritual decline. Finally lasts just under 40 minutes, and with nine numbers you would think it would be a form of unresolved collapse - but do not be mistaken: Every single cutting compliment the surrounding with a coherent and ominous atmosphere.

Understated drama
Here are some of the most depressing music I have ever heard. And it is to be understood as a compliment. As one of the kinds of people, for whom melancholy is not a stranger, I greatly appreciate dark music, not heaps too much on følemøllen to drive a point across. I can't possibly rate this record out from the standardkriterierne, since the mood - and not the musical - is paramount. It's a sad and dejected level, which lends itself brilliantly to run on repeat, because the misery is liberating in itself. Look out of the window. If that looks like on the inside, this is how it sounds.

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