Family Tree - Black Stone Cherry

Djämes Braun is in da house

Only bright spot is a funky tribute to 'The Godfather of Soul "James Brown", which, at best, Led Zeppelin-style shows that Black Stone Cherry can be much more than the fabric-the hard rock, otherwise they are coming up with on the Family Tree. It is a song that you can't possibly sit still to, and where, in particular, the band's rhythm section excels. Where is the level of the rest of the album, friends? Nowhere, unfortunately, and it is hardly with the Family Tree, Black Stone Cherry saving their slowly dying career.

You're fired!

Stone-Cherry/851">Black Stone Cherry is a southern rock band from Kentucky, USA, who has released five fuldlængdealbums and a string of EP's since their debut in 2006. The peakede with the solid of Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea in 2011, with songs like "White Trash Millionaire" and "Killing Floor" showed how to make traditional and riveting hard rock "US style". Unfortunately, they never reached the same heights since, and it is probably, therefore, their old record label, Roadrunner, dropped them back in 2015. One might expect that such a firing would be the kick in the pants, that could shake off the dust, but Black Stone Cherry's sixth langspiller, Family Tree, is still, unfortunately, a langgaber.

Clunky and generic

The band plays basically fine enough, and lead singer Chris Robertson has an absolute approved voice to the genre, but the songs are there simply not, and the arrangements are often downright clumsy. It is already at the opener "Bad Habit", where the refrain time and time again puts the song in the stand. The mandatory ballad, "My Last Breath", has a tåkrummende embarrassing text and is completely without empathy, exemplified by the final guitar solo, which is both bloated and generic. A number as "Southern Fried Friday Night" starts really well with good riffs, but the band will be too much and it becomes a rodebutik of different ideas. And so it goes with uopfindsomt, messy and boring hard rock all the way through.

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