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Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred - Twitching Tongues

Multifunctional music

It is a heavy inheritance, the promises, the musical. Their musical role models count, Type O Negative, funnily enough, Celtic Frost, and a wide variety of bands, all of which have contributed to creating a fertile ground for "modern metal". But I think really, they get away with it. It is a sound that does not really have an expiration date, and it has just got a facelift, so it's all not due to the gloomy romance and "the good e old days". If one does not let itself be deterred by, I mention the Machine Head, then you have here the chance to listen to something that is on the superior show demonstrates that good music never goes out of fashion.

Fake name

When I first became acquainted with Twitching Tongues, promised the label hardcore, but it is not an adequate description, and I'm still not entirely sure what the hell that really hit me here. It is a strange hybrid of gothic, doom, hardcore, a little sludge and a little grunge, and central in it all are one half of a brødrepar: vocalist Colin Young. He has an interesting voice that immediately leads my thoughts towards a combination of the Machine Heads Rob Flynn and Bersærks Casper Popp – something we return to.

One, two, fuck it!

For when the first shock of the vocals in "Harakiri" has subsided, and you have formed a first impression and have an idea of what is in store, loading the third cutting "Kill For You" close to me and holds me close and whispers me in the ear, that I am mistaken. The seductive mood is headed led by a man who suddenly doing a horny combination of Dave Gahan and Peter Steele, and the slow pace reeks of mortal love. His vocals capture the mood of both men's respective bands, and the result is a sombre affair. And it is one of the elements I appreciate about Gaining Purpose Through Hatred. We are pulled from one extreme to the other – but never as it will be searched. The stylistic variety from number to number is a part of the charm of the album, and the change from heavy breathing to røvsparkende and well played hardcore in the "T. F. R." without flinching, and it is one of the reasons, I've let myself get carried away by their musical expression.

"Forgive & Remember", which is evocative of a young Glenn Danzig, and the droning chords paired with a nonchalant drumming is steeped in romantic horror. However, you will not allowed to sit and swallow, too much together for it here is a band that cannot sit still in the same chair for very long. Effortlessly change the tempo and style, but maintains the mood and the listener's attention. I have in the reason is taken not so much to expose on Gaining Purpose Through Hatred. My only criticism is a matter of taste, and the outcome depends on whether you can live with Young's aforementioned tendency to sound like Flynn. His voice sounds most of the time, as if it is coming down from the neck; it may well sound strained sometimes, but to return, so he sings well. He has good control over the vocal cords, and his contributions to the musical events completes the experience. Finally, throwing themselves out in a cover of Celtic Frosts "Necromantical Screams", as they interpret through their horrorhardcore-glasses, and manages to encapsulate the sound that has inspired the band and at the same time maintain their own expression. Bøllekor, punk, gothic, and heavy and all of the aforementioned elements brings new meaning to the initial confusion, quite as the title suggests.

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