Gateways - Oaks Of Bethel

He and wonderful

The Vintage Caravan offers many ways does not check with something you haven't heard before. But what they can is to write cool riffs and translate these to really cool songs. There are many other bands in this category who travel back to the 70's in the same machine as The Vintage Caravan, but few come back again with equally he or she and the contagious joy of playing. Gateways goes hardly down in history as one of the genre's best albums ever, but it is certainly one of the best retro-rockplader I have heard in years.

Rousing retro-rock from the icelandic company.

Well-known, but successful

The icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan have twelve years and three albums ago. They have just released their fourth langspiller, and even though it is a classic retro-rock and well-known recipes all the way through, it's definitely in the good end of the scale. Fan of Blues Pills, Graveyard or Kadavar? So you need to listen to the Gateways.

Really, great-sounding stereotypes

It would not be an exaggeration to postulate, that you now can feed the pigs with the retro-rock bands. A handful of them are really good and offers something extremely interesting, original and great-sounding music – the rest is more or less bland and similar bands, which quickly falls through and gets forgotten. Fortunately, belongs to The Vintage Caravan the first category, and it is due to three crucial things: They can play, they can write cool songs and, most importantly, they are very true to the genre they belong to, and understand it to the full. The latter point is crucial, for in this genre are countless bands that just don't feel it; it makes The Vintage Caravan is quite clear.

Tracks like "Set Your Sights", "The Way" and not least "Hidden Streams" are amazing tracks, which are some of the best retro-rock, I, the undersigned, have heard in a long time. "On the Run" is definitely not crazy, and is it just me, or has the number quite a lot of similarities with Metallica's "The Day That Never Comes"...? It must be to be seen – judge for yourself.

Last, but not least, production must be mentioned. Hold up, where the sounds Gateways just good. Usually I prefer a more scratchy and authentic vinyllyd, when I hear this kind of retro-rock, but in this case I lay me down flat; great crisp production.

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