Grave Condition - Blood Tsunami

No masterpiece, but...

... anyway a very nice slice, Blood Tsunami presents here. There is not anything like originality or musical genius – nay, there is talk about a bunch of roots, who just want to play thrash, as thrashguderne brewed it in the middle of the'80s, and they do it well! Are you into thrash with punket/crossover edge, you can do much worse things than throwing away your time and your money, after Digging Condition!

Thrashpunket beskidthed from the Norwegian mountains

Back in 2007, Blood Tsunami, with the illustrious Bard G. Eithun in trommestolen released their debutskive tituleret Thrash Metal, I was quick to ensure me a copy, even before there was the slightest bit on YouTube. The won, unfortunately, not the favours of me at the time – why I don't know, but it certainly has gathered dust on the shelf ever since. I have, in other words, not sacrificed Blood Tsunami any attention ago and have no idea how the two subsequent slices sounds. But now, after a break of five years since the last disc, is the band on the field with the Dig Condition, which, according to the bioen really was meant as an ep, but as the band had some material lying around, ended up as a fuldlængdeskive. And immediately my enthusiasm greater than at the meeting with the Thrash Metal 11 years ago. Blood Tsunami has the appearance of a dirty thrashet band with inspiration from the punk and good gammeldaws hævi mædl!

1-2-3, let's go!

Blood Tsunami is incredibly direct. From the first second on the dial is that the full hammer on with the one jerking riff after another, seasoned with a punket, primitive edge, which gives the band a very authentic expression. The dial is so cool produced. Some will probably think the production is noisy; I think, it sits in the closet and helps to increase the intensity in Grave Condition. Funny enough though, I actually don't really get caught by the first three-four numbers. They are ok, but missing anyway. From the track "The Acid King", and the disc runs out with a cover of " Onslaughts "Steel Meets Steel", it is as if they really gets into gear and provides los, which also greatly increases my enthusiasm.

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