Head Cage - Pig Destroyer

Unique dissonance

Grindcore is still not after the Head Cage has become a genre for everyone, but it's been broader, and the band succeed in imprisoning the listener's head in the universe – not, however, 100 % of the time.

The album is a clear example of the band's development and also on the genre's development. Here is a little for every taste: dissonance, choral parts, smooth bass, longer songs, and overall, the Head Cage just different. It is relatively unique, and the band has made an effort to show itself even more in their music than when they had to choose between to be a Cop Killer or Pig Destroyer.


Typically torture

Grindcore is not a genre for everyone. It is noise, it is short, it is intense and it is a little bit disgusting. Grindcore is prohibited for people under the age of 18, vammelt, bloody and fun. Us Pig Destroyer is one of the most prominent grindcore bands on the scene, and they have just released their sixth album, Head Cage, a torturinstrument from the middle ages. Head Cage is not a typical grind album, but catch it anyway the listener's head in Pig Destroyer universe?


Disney, ugly vocals, snakes and bass

Grindcore has it to borrow material from different places: horror, video games, even children's films, and there is a Head Cage no exception. In the intro to "The Tunnel Under the Tracks" is playing something that sounds like the soundtrack to Disney's Lady and the Tramp with a voiceover of rar woman, who disclaims all responsibility. Then break the track out into a chaos of miscellaneous alarms, which is a recurring theme throughout the album.

Grindcore has it also to be ultra-short numbers with too many blastbeats. It is, however, not much of on the Pig Destroyer sixth baby, where the band's songwriter, Scott Hull, had decided to make a whole album without any blastbeats. However, you can find both the clean vocals and a general rockrytmer and rock'n'roll-drums black metal-like intros and a grindet, grim vocals.

It with the short songs, the band has also waived a little. Average grindcore song is about 30 seconds long, but the majority of the songs on the Head Cage is about two minutes. The last song, "House of Snakes", stands however very out with her the whole 7 (!) minutes, and 8 seconds. The song is a autobiografisk their tales of woe about a burglary in a terrible house filled with snakes.

The band has not released a full studio album since 2012, but they have not spent the time to lie still. They have rather used the time to expand the band with a bass player for the very first time in the band's discography: John Jarvis, cousin of drummer Adam Jarvis. And it works! In order to keep the firm in the aforementioned "House of Snakes" has the song a solid, pumping bass, which puts a great supporting base for rest of the instrumentaliseringen.

Gæstevokaler is also on the album. Both Katherine Katz and Richard "Grindfather" Johnson from Agoraphopic Nosebleed is with, respectively, the "Terminal Itch", "Concrete Beast" and "Army of Cops".


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