Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson

Either you die an anti-hero, or you live long enough to become redundant.

It is neat, organized, and white America has, through time, had many images of the enemy, which has been cultivated so intensively, that even to him, that frabad other gods than himself, may have felt overlooked. But in recent times it has no artist frightened so many mothers and fathers, like Marilyn Manson has. The weird, ranglede and sickly appearance of the guy knew exactly which buttons he should press for maximum effect. Female models accounted for one half of the kunstnernavnene, serial killers took care of the surnames. And the fact it was men in excessive make-up, and challenging jackson gave the bornerte americans something to talk about. Put a twisted combination of sex, society, drugs and Satan on top, and you have the reason for the Westboro Baptist Church even exists.

An unoriginal original
But men in women's clothing with kvindenavne on the instance was certainly not something new. Alice Cooper and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister was out with the kind of visuals long before, and especially Alice Cooper helped with the slightly more sombre and theatrical elements. Why was Marilyn Manson so, so special, if he was not the first to put guyliner or scare the adults with its not immediately defined sexuality? It can be debated from here to the next artist shocks us with what now scares, in a post Miley-Cyrus-in-the-flesh colour-swimsuit-world. But Marilyn Manson held a mirror up to the world, he had grown up in, and NO one cared to see what was in it flueplettede and cracked mirror. Marianne Mandsen and The Creepy Young spiddede the american religious and sexual double standards, and preached hatred for the incumbent, and his cracked voice made sure it was never pretty. Those of us who lacked a flippant alternative to the more extreme possibilities, we had "back then", labbede it in the us, as it was a televiseret worship in".

But why is my review so in the past tense? He does, after all, still music and not in the same way as Dio, Michael Jackson and 2Pac. The notification is instead an obituary, a nostalgic throw-back to a more innocent time with the rumors bortopererede ribs, horrified, and disturbed, self-styled custodians of a fragile morality and a man who in the most elegant show managed to go his musical idols in the flower beds and still create something unique, surprising, and riveting. Therefore, it PAINS me to hear the Heaven Upside Down, for rarely have I been so disappointed. Everything from composition to song writing is a sad echo of past greatness, and worst of all: The broad sources of inspiration, which, among other things, talked himself Bowie, is dried into a queer piblen, which reveal that you are going nowhere, if your greatest inspiration is yourself. There are vibes from both the Smells Like Children, Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals to download, and though "Kill4me" has some Depeche Mode-esque mood throughout the record is simply so uninspired and downright embarrassing in its spasmodic attempts to be young with the young - the numbers above the letters is not 1337, it's just bloody stupid. It is seen allertydeligst in the song "Threats Of Romance", there is almost a four minutes and 37 seconds long argument for why the here plate is a waste of time. The problem is that Manson has been an adult, the same is his fans, but along the way, there is someone who forgot to pass him the information. We should expect that, as the artist is able to grow with its fan base.

The time is gone, and it should you also
It is tåkrummende to experience an adult man making music for the teenagers who adored him – now we are being fobbed off with a man of almost 50, there not pretty, that it is not enough to comb his hair, if you are still pandering to the same audience, you tried to reprogram 20 years ago. There is not a nice way to say this, but Marilyn Manson should wash some of the makeup, acting under his civil name, and keep up with that faith, he still is dangerous for anyone other than themselves. Since John 5 left the ensemble, it has been very interesting music, and although that sounds a praise to the current members, after all, to be able to play properly and create a little variation in, respectively, the bass and guitarsektionen, hr. Warner to take his musical career up to reconsideration after this udkogte place. Solely because of its hard-working musicians hives judgment a bit up from it is complete unacceptable, for it is less unacceptable.

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