Hope Lies Dormant - Shadowspawn

Amazing performance!

The simple, but highly effective interpretation of the classic death added thrash, a bit of tech-metal and a slat groove is a real pleasure to listen to. It is in particular the respective riffs and the sublime dynamics that form the foundation for the fine listening experience, that Hope Lies Dormant in the truth is. The tools and numrenes building may not be the most groundbreaking ever heard, but it is simple and customize varied, and it makes the music expression and the intensity of the thumping potent and powerful. Maybe Shadowspawn in fact not very much different as compared with so many others, but it they do, they do very effectively. Nine beautiful skulls and a lot of respect from here.

It runs for Danish death – and now it was just even fatter!


I said it first!!!

Yours truly has a small urge to run a jubelrunde in the quite Danish heavyland and shout "Ha! I called it first!" And I have, because I am of course talking about the Danish death master Shadowspawn, who again made a terrific album. Both in 2014 released the demo Promo 14, as well as the mini-album Ashes Of Sorrow a year after, did I, the undersigned, all you readers aware that these boys had to be kept an eye on. And I hope you all continue to keep an eye out, and closes the ears up to their new album Hope Lies Dormant, for here comes that eddersparkemig anything fed to death!

Okay, I'll just pralehatten up on the shelf along with my selviscenesættelsestrang - I think bloody not right, they dress me and get started to write about the copenhagen bands new sonic bun-kicking instead. In this case, it would be the easiest just to write all of the synonyms for the words "sublime", "awesome" and "fantastic", and so was the goat shaved. But, dear readers, must not be cheated for a just a little more in-depth review of this really lovely disc. It deserves all of the parties.

It tickles in all the right places

There has been little change around in lineuppet ago the Ashes Of Sorrow, but there should be no doubt that the Shadowspawn are still playing the death on the basis of the classic thrash and good ol' fashioned death metal. With relatively simple means such as the simple, but hard, riffs plus a heavy and pounding tight rhythm section, playing Shadowspawn up to mosh without too many frills. Here is not talking about the deep saucers that are being invented from scratch, but a fresh and very easily accessible interpretation of something you know. And it keeps!

After a nice intro in the form of "Spawn of Darkness" we get an excellent picture of the band's strengths and skills on the track "Helltaker". The band's knowledge out in the dødsmetallens fabulous landscapes, however, even more, and better, to the expression on the title track, which, with several layers of classic death, a whiff of melodød and a utterly trend-setting riff, is an instant hit.
On the songs "Savage" and "Forgotten" it becomes, if possible, even heavier. Again supplied, via the even more sublime riffs that crush with the crush on, and here shall the same be a warning: do not run the vehicle, or operated hazardous machinery for these two intersections! So it is said. The dynamics of the numbers is just as tonsende unique as it is delicious, potent guitar work, which is being posted for the day. Warn your neighbor before playing, otherwise it becomes ugly to vejfesten!

With the danger of to list too many numbers in too few lines, just one for the - "Endless Suffering". If this number does not provoke myalgia in the neck and/or mosh at home in the living room, is one's heavy heart is simply too weak. And this is how I have it in general, with large parts of the plate. This very well produced and lovely collection of music, moves and presses all the right places. Where are however, proud of the fact that small Dannevang can provide bands of this caliber.

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