Chuck According to nods appreciative

Unfortunately not all the songs on the Invoker, who can live up to all of this, and the album takes the first true speed on the third track, "Divided State of Mind", and especially the fourth cutting, "Morcar". It starts with a cool bluesy riff, that recurrently pops up in the song again, in the midst of all the heavy rifferi – very powerful. "A Walk on Broken Bones" rattling away with more cool riffs than even Chuck According to be able to stop down in one song, and it all culminates on the next track, "Exodus", which again show that BBIP can be more than just churn away. Here is shuffled more strong riffs with a solid groove, delicious melodies and elegant change of pace. Very high level.

Towards the end it is again, as on the quality of the songs dive a little, and it really is a pity, for there is so much potential in these boys. In turn, ends the Invoker of with a bang with the splendid "Black Gold", which is a beautiful and violent afskedssalut. All in all, this is a really good death metal album. If BBIP may redeem all potential with several songs of the same high standard such as "Exodus", it becomes really hard to keep them down. Billy Boy keeps moreover releasefest for Invoker d. 11/11 in Beta2300 on Amager.

We are not in bøvede bandnavne

This reviewer has heard in metal for more than 35 years, and after all, it is a bit. Nevertheless, it is extremely difficult to think of a more misleading band name than Danish Billy Boy In Poison (BBIP). With the name comes quickly to mind One of the Twos roadie, an 80's-hair metal band or maybe some bubblegum pop from the 70's – and nothing could be more wrong. For already on the EP Perdition from 2010, and not least for their first fuldlængdealbum, Watchers , from 2013, proved BBIP, of course, that they are a highly capable Danish metal band from stockholm. They have also played at both Copenhell Aalborg Metal Festival, so they are by now reasonably recognized in the metal-Denmark, which, thankfully, does not hang in the bøvede bandnavne.

Very tight and lots of profits

You must not hear many seconds of Invoker, before it is again clear that BBIP is a collection of really talented people. They play very tight and with lots of profits. Hjalte Victory impresses with both growls and metalcore-ish shouting at the international level. It also seems as if the ambition level is generally reasonably high – BBIP is a band that will want to show what they can, without in any way introverted nørkleri in it. At the same time sounds Invoker just really good, but it is not surprising when the album is produced by Jacob Hansen, who bl.a. has been behind the release from Hatesphere, Volbeat, Amaranthe, Mercenary, and Destruction. The Danish Bob Rock his stuff to his fingertips, and he can seemingly get everything he touches, to sound amazing.

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