Kingdoms Disdained - Morbid Angel

Am I Morbid?

Morbid Angel. No intro is necessary when it comes to Trey Azagthoth and his band. Trey has since '86 has been hailed as one of the greatest masterminds in the field of death metal, due to the brutal lyricism, leaning rytmesektioner and hjernesmeltende solos. However, there has been quite a lot of palaver with Morbid Angel the last few years; everything from releases that got people to shake their heads – and not only because of the wrong Latin conjugation (Ilud Divinium Insanus) – for all the fuss between Trey and David Vincent. With that said, it is quite normal that bands that are so big, well-known and old Morbid Angel, experiencing mutual problems, and try to save a few skeletons away in cabinets and the like opbevaringsgenstande. The band has since 2011, where they chose to publish it difficult reviled album, Ilud Divinium Insanus, spent the time to find out what the hell they actually have to put up. First, here in 2017 they reached forward to an answer – and the answer is Kingdoms Disdained.

Öld Skööl

The first thing that hits you when setting up Kingdoms Disdained , is a classic game of Morbid Angel in the form of the number Piles of Little Arms, which in many ways symbolizes the essence of Morbid Angel: leaning trommemønster and a guitar follows suit in the best racing style. Already from the first second it is clear, that this not is Ilud Divinium Insanus 2; something that should get most of the otherwise so resentful fans to relax a little. It quickly becomes clear that the message with the Kingdoms Disained is that Morbid Angel is still available, and they still want to emphasize that they are the masters of death metal. However, it quickly becomes a tad monotonous, and it sits a little with the thought that Trey and the other angels have chosen to run the home with both the waistbelt and braces. It sounds as if they have chosen to do everything they know that works, and failed to take any kind of chances, or make musical experiments. There is no innovation or risks of the Kingdoms Disdained, so it is the perfect album for the death metal puritaneren, which preferably will be that everything sounds like it did back in '86. But if you are the type who is in possession of a smooth gregorian calendar, so you can sit and feel that it runs in the ring, and that you have heard it a few times before.

So close, yet so far

Kingdoms Disdained seems to be created with one purpose, to convince the fans that either stack, from back in 2011, or prefer I Am Morbid, instead, that there still is good reason to listen to Morbid Angel. But in spite of that, it is just not good enough to do the same thing again and again; simply some rethinking, or at least just a certain attitude and recklessness in order to compensate for the feeling of repetition. So Kingdoms Disdained is unfortunately back as a completely harmless and totally harmless affair. It's not a bad disc, but it is disappointing that Trey did not dare to do something more "dangerous" and exciting – and no, it is not because I ask for a Covenant 2 , or something like that, but the most tragic of Kingdoms Disdained, is just that it could have been so much better if only they had dared! But no, unfortunately...

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