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La Caída De Tonatiuh - Impureza

Flamenco Muerte
It is not often, but it happens from time to time: There comes a band that delivers you such a sonic slap in the face to change your gradually pre-conceived view of how a genre should sound and be. I believe strongly that I am here is almost stumbled over such a case, and if you read further, I must tell you why.

French-Spanish Impureza has with their second album, La Caída De Tonatiuh, have made an album which mixes flamencomusikken with complex death metal. Bands such as Orphaned Land and Nile have previously mixed exotic music with death metal, but with Impureza is the Spanish touch is such an integral part of their sound that I can best describe it as flamencodød – knowing that I appear like a pretentious simpleton who is trying to invent yet another unnecessary subgenre.

Cultural appropriation done correctly
But, dear reader, La Caída De Tonatiuh is perhaps the most perfect mix of folk and death metal I've ever heard, and flamencodød is therefore both culturally and musically – a fitting name. The explanation is to be found in Impurezas members are of Spanish descent, and has, according to press materials, a strong connection to their roots; something that constitutes a large part of their identity, why they also want to have Spanish lyrics. My two years of Spanish in school, despite the abilities I don't have to put myself into the text, and am therefore not the same. Impureza play hectic, technical and without mercy with their instrumental prowess, and this is complimented by their excellent compositional abilities. They change effortlessly from Spanish guitar to the fast-paced riffs and blastbeats, and the Spanish sounds – with few exceptions – are not assumed, or as a clumsy attempt at a gimmick to get them to stick out from the crowd. No, there is fast-paced and vibrant flamencodød, where the Spanish rhythms on the impressive show is translated to metalriffs. Simply listen to the title track or "Otumba, 1520" auditory examples.

The only appeal I have on the album, is that the quality of production seems sporadic. In hectic periods, particularly the guitar get a flat sound, that does not make the dynamic composition of honour, while in other periods appear razor-sharp.

Dødsmetallens conquistadores
In short, I can't get my arms down over La Caída De Tonatiuh. I am a person who does not carelessly punctuated with the word perfect for anyone with a good riff and a fun idea. I have therefore over the last two weeks gone back and forth in something as silly as a quantitative quality stamp, that should not mean it is great, now when we are dealing with here is a for the most part, carried out the execution of their concept. Impureza delivers briefly with the La Caída De Tonatiuh one of the year's best album. They play great, they have a unique sound, and they keep a compositional to a high standard throughout the album. Anyway I can due to individual blemishes and a last missing x-factor is not of a pure heart equate it with the dødsmetallens greatest masterpieces.

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