Left Hand Pass - Cannabis Corpse

It is not fun!

It is actually so un-funny that you get angry and not at all the orcs to delve into the musical elements that actually work – and those are after all a part of. Particularly excels on guitar and newest member, Ray Suhy from Six Feet Under. He shredder's frankly amazing, and it is one of the reasons that the album here in spite of everything get a fiver. Another is that the title of the song: "Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its throne of honour Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Bong Water". But if a band can't take themselves seriously though, why do we have other then? Left Hand Pass is a ommer, and the whole project should probably just be shut down. Joke keep no more, if it ever did it.

You can joke with metal?

Oh, no! Not now again! Left Hand Pass is album no. four from Cannabis Corpse – the joke-the band that refuses to die. They released their first EP back in 2006, and has since followed a steady stream of EP's and fuldlængdealbums after completely the same template: traditional death metal spiced with marijuana-related song titles, which often refer to other, classic death metal tracks. And it is so unfortunately pretty much it. The primary reference is the Cannibal Corpse. And enough is the one of the most important bands in the genre, but hand on heart, they are not even slightly a joke-band with their 80's-horror-movie-splatterunivers and more or less hilarious covers? In addition to this they have basically had the same musical expression since the beginning of the late-'80s, and how seriously can you actually even take dødsmetallens answer to AC/DC?

In general, one must also admit that the metal can balance on the edge of the ridiculous (if you disagree with this, then check out e.g. an 80's video with Judas Priest, take the Iron Maiden concert, and stand in front of Janick Gers, or go on YouTube and find any video with Cannibal Corpse. Are you still disagree, can it be, you just take both yourself and the metal too seriously). In other words: Here on Heavymetal.dk, we think it is fair enough to make fun of anything – including metal. There is just a requirement: It must be fun. And here fails Cannabis Corpse, unfortunately, totally.

Talented fabric-the death of

Left Hand Pass is composed mostly of fabric and death, quite talented made, certainly, but it is in no way original. When you peel away the ultrathin veneer of humorous song titles, there's virtually nothing left. Neither the text nor the music contain any form of humor, and then what is the point of it all? Here is a band that, on the one hand, not particularly funny and, on the other hand, apparently did not dare to take their craft (or dare one say art?) seriously. Left Hand Pass is therefore almost pitiful and not much else.

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