Lilith - Butcher Babies

Eight serious skulls

Lilith is a super energetic album from an equally energetic band. Butcher Babies is vulgar, and in many points too exaggerated, but they are a bit indifferent. And they need to be, for it works in one way or another to their advantage.
Exactly as one would conclude, the last time they were in Denmark - Loppen in Christiania in april ‘16 - is Butcher Babies much more than silikonebryster, fis and trouble. Their musical existence is in the highest degree eligible, and Lilith is without a doubt their best album to date. There are a few svipsere along the way, but the good numbers, the super cool and very crisp sound, and a formidable energy gives the quintet eight small skulls. And it is no joke. It is deeply seriously.

The third release from the busty slagterbørn is their absolute best to date.


Women in a male-dominated world

Regardless of how you choose to twist and turn the, is women in metal still a thing that gets someone to block his eyes, a second look and maybe even wrinkle your nose. Despite the numerous, strong, and crazy talented women in all sorts of heavybands, fighting many of these are still to be recognised on an equal footing with their male colleagues.

It is, unfortunately, also the case for the american Butcher Babies, however, with their (host...) easier risque attire and probably not the affiliation of genuine fronts have chosen to confront the whole of the established metal-elite with an entirely deliberate, thumping dullet, extremely exaggerated and fantastic selvironisk in-your-face approach. A tactic that has garnered high praise and generated a great deal of publicity around the world, but also a strategy that, over time, have questioned whether they actually have something to offer from a purely musical. For it is not just a few beautiful, semi-vulgar ladies with a statement, and so is the music in the otherwise pretty bland? The answer is a resounding no!

Super potent and well-acted

I turn it just stuck once more, even before this review really is gone started: Butcher Babies IS too much of a good thing. But it is still very seriously and just exactly what is supposed to happen. For as a wise man once told me, is it only the dead fish flowing with the tide. Or something like that...
Wearing varnish, leather, attitude, and store babser will Butcher Babies conquer the world, and their third disc, Lilith, is definitely not anything crazy attempt. With a razor-sharp production and some smashing aggressive riffs amazes åbningsnummeret "Burn the Straw Man" really positive. Slagtertøserne continue the good rates at the second cutting, the title track "Lilith" and so forth. In fact, have the Butcher Babies never sounded sharper. I once had a little doubt about whether the two frontkvinder Carla Harvey and Heidi Shephard could sing, but the doubts have been put to shame. Both the beautiful song and the growls sounds great. And what a dynamic the two have between them!

In particular, there must flow a lot of praise in the direction of guitarist Henry Flury, who, with the countless, super potent and knaldstærke the band outdoes itself. His interplay with bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chase Brickenden is just in the closet, but the spade, therefore, it is ørekræs, so the flapping of the curtains!
Music is we are still out in a bit of a mixed game of extreme punk, thrash and metalcore, but all the time anchored in a super solid groove foundation. But whatever we call it, it works optimally, is delightfully catchy and relatively headbang-inviting. Preserved, individual numbers are a tad cheesy as f.ex. "The Huntsman", and "POMONA (shit happens)", but it is according. And I said not right, it is supposed, that they are too much of a good thing?

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