Lionheart - Saxon

So close to

I think Lionheart is a solid power metal disc. There are cool riffs, good harmonies and a high technical level. Unfortunately, there are no "hits" to track where you want to hear a passage again and again. They are all numbers, which can easily be thrown into any livesæt, and it is certainly a good thing. The last two skulls, they had gained, however, if there had been a "hit".

Forward we ride

Serenity is not exactly a blank sheet of paper. With 17 years on the road they are certainly been tempered, and, therefore, this sixth album is also something near the best we ever got from the austrian gentlemen. For if one must stand the test of time in the power metal without being irrelevant, you have to have something the others do not have. But Serenity saw it? We shall see here.

Coeur de lion!

We begin with the classic orchestral intro in just under two minutes. We need just in time! Immediately after is the "United" in time, and then there's both the classic elements and well, what skurrer my ear me? It is like hearing Dragonforce, just outside of 50,000 tones per. riff. The sound is at least derhenad. General features Serenity ventured to depart a little bit away from the power metal without losing any of the feelingen on Lionheart. Especially the intro to the song "Hero" is a direct thrash, where the first is the real verse, we notice the classic power-approach to the song. "Rising High" is practically a singalong, where it certainly is thought, to the audience to the live shows! Moduleringer and the whole smøren, the thanks which offers. I will then be reminded that I belong to power metal again and again, but come with there number, where I can't stop playing it again and again!

"Heaven" is really made, so we must imagine the gyldenhårede warrior who swears his love to his sweetheart. We are then greeted up with EVEN a short instrumental. And so we return to power-the melodies again. "Eternal Victory" using a guitartema, which most of all seems like a plagiarism of Joan Baez' "Diamonds and Rust", but there are enough that we don't absolutely need to start with a trial, however. So is it as good, despite everything, it is a beautiful theme.

One thing, however, I is completely frivolous with, is the use of different instruments, small instrumental passages – whistles and an old-fashioned lute and the like are very well placed in the intro to "The Fortress". Spot on, boys!

In addition, reminds the lead singer Georg Neuhausers vote me constantly of Taage Laiho from the now-defunct Altaria. It is certainly no negative quality seal.

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