Maledictum - Hell Icon

So, there is again a bleak and hellish tones from the Swedish Offer in the form of the band's second full-length album "Maledictum'. Offer), is a relatively new band with only 2 releases old from when they formed in 2007, remarkably, the band's debut disc from 2010 was also the first time, without any prior demo releases. As many other mystical and occult dyrkende constellations is the band's identity wrapped in the mystery with sparse information about the band members and their musical background. Due to this it can reasonably assumed that the band simply is a completely new shot at the black charred black metal stem, which helps to give it extra clout with this release, which incidentally is released on the renowned 'World Terror Committee label, currently home to prominent names such as Horna and Grand belial's key. The material there is to find on the Maledictum is incredibly dark and ominous, which is achieved not least through an incredibly organic but the biting cold and '.let-us-envelop-all in impervious darkness' production, with the guitars and not least the very clear prædikene vocals as the dominant element. The sound as the Swedish gentlemen present here both to differ and acknowledge the Swedish black metal sound, which now exist many variants. There is no melodic melancholic passages with the preponderance of the tremolo riffs which was the mainstay in the middle halvfemser Swedish black metal, with bands such as the legendary Dissection, But, Noctes, Sorhin, Dawn, or Lord belial. Nor is it a complete blietzkrig assault such as the middle to late –era Marduk, or Niden Div. 187, but instead shows the band equate with newer bands such as Ondskapt, Watain, Armagedda and Norwegian Djevel and Dødsengel. In other words, put the Offer), emphasis on the evil, creative riffs best exemplified in tracks such as the sublime 'Thirteen Cauldrons Boil with the brilliant åbningsriff that will reverberate in the listener's head for several weeks in a row, then switch over to Armagedda –like passages with a touch of Celtic frost (or black metal, when they eventually have as great a patent on a Celtic Frost vibe as the band themselves).Also åbningsnummeret 'From the Abyss They Shine' is significant and is a good (bad) exponent of the whole mood on the album all the way through. Yet is a significant factor in the Maledictum may, as discussed above, is attributed to the vocals, which is surprisingly clear and has an almost thrash or even hardcore like touch. There is a strong emphasis on chanting the dark poetry with the utmost clarity and impact of the hellish riffs, which is an extremely interesting take on the channelling of the evil out to the audience. The drums are virtually the only aspect of the record that is firmly rooted in traditional black metal with the well-known 'sprinkler beat' (a brilliant term recited by Nocturno) supplemented with the rumbling of traditional rock beats and powerful mid tempo bass drum action that lays a solid weight behind the dominant riffs. In conclusion, I, the undersigned, recommend to seek out this release from a very promising band, if you can admit some of the bands mentioned above. Offer is in any case a band that leaves a clear impression on the listener, just as a relentless piskeslags session leaves scars on an unsuspecting member of the clergy, the condition (if it even serves as a worthy comparison). 9/10 Tracklist: : 1. From the Abyss they Shine 05:54 2. The Towers of Silence 07:13 3. Necromantic Revelations 07:40 4. Domini Canes 06:43 5. A Rebirth in Sterility 07:21 6. Horned Shadows Rise 07:55 7. Rousing the Serpent 05:26 8. Thirteen Cauldrons Boil 05:20

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