Pretty Maids is still running off, but has slowed down

Heavy Metal from Horsens. Yes, it does exist in the form that the Pretty Maids, whose musical style is probably best described as melodic Hard Rock (or Heavy Metal, if you will). They were formed in 1981, and had their storhedstil in the decade. However, they did never strike it through, but have acquired quite a large fan base at home and in Japan, as well as have the touret with names like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. They are still active and in 2010 released the Pandemonium. Now they are ready with the next album in the series, the Motherland, and I must say, they still can. The album begins with the "Mother Of All Lies", which slowly builds up and escalates into Pretty Maids, well-known audio. Shortly after comes the first verse, and that is immediately put up to social criticism. However, for the verse is very short, and catchy (and still socially critical) chorus tumbles out of højtalerene. It is one of the choruses that sound better the higher you turn up. It is due to the solid drumming and also the vocals, which fits really well into. There is also a guitar solo, which, however, is not as flashy again. It is a little too simple, and is done too fast. Aside from this, so the number is very catchy, and contains a lot of energy of a mid-tempo number to be. On the second number, however, turned down the pace, up the vocals and the keyboard, and down trommernes energy. The song title is "To Fool A Nation", and already here sucks it long away of social criticism. It is fair enough, but in the Motherland they do it simply too much so you get tired of it eventually. There are also a shim already on the third number, in the form of the "Confession", heavily persecuted by "The Iceman", which is a very energetic number. It is the drums that contributes the most to, along with the guitar in omkvædene. At the same time, the number is, as long most of the others, wildly catchy, and you'll find it hard not to hum along. Then begins the album to flow together in a. The pace is mostly around the middle, and the energy takes a bit of. In turn, disappears samfundskritikken completely, which you become fond of after some gennemlytninger. This creates more atmosphere than in the first numbers, and it works really well at times, while other times fails grimly. The album ends with "Wasted", and it is the number that they have created the most atmosphere and emotion. It managed them extremely well, especially with the very use of the keyboard. It actually managed so well, that almost traps a tear.

Personally, I prefer still Pandemonium. There is more going on in it , it is more varied, actually it is just more exciting. The Motherland can not be called Pretty Maids' most exciting album to date, but it is still quite fine. You can hear that they know what they're doing and they do it quite nicely all the way over. That is good enough for much social criticism I find it interesting, but the little variation there is, lifts the album a bit. They can turn down the samfundskritikken, and make the album more exciting in general, so they have a for sure 10/10, but now they must settle for a 7/10. Better luck next time.

Tracklist 1. Mother Of All Lies 2. Two Fool A Nation 3. Confession 4. The Iceman 5. Sad To See You Suffer 6. Hooligan 7. Infinity 8. Why So Serious? 9. Motherland 10. I See Ghosts 11. Bullet For You 12. The Who What Where When Why 13. Wasted

Mother Of All Lies is also the album's single, and far the best track on the album.

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