Nemesis - Arch Enemy

What is the next step?

DEFECTO is for real to break through in the Danish metalscene. Especially with Nicklas Sonne of the vowel is the a serious bid to break through internationally. When you simultaneously see them make one out-of-print Danish concert after the other and warm up for big bands such as Metallica and Rammstein, and even already have played on Copenhell, it is clear to DEFECTO have something serious to offer.

Nemesis is their take on a sequel, which should give Denmark a kick in the butt and really show that now is the time to look commercially at the Danish metal bands. Simultaneously, this album really get them out in the media and thus give them more space and get enlightened masses.

Good, solid game entertainment

Nemesis attaches itself stylistically over its predecessor Excluded with his symphonic undertone mixed with a little Metallica and a few other fun things, which makes DEFECTO creates their own sound and energy, which I generally always happy. When you copy something directly, I do not think man has done his own work, but when you do as DEFECTO, shows that you are looking for inspiration, but would like to create his own.

I will have to start a little reverse compared to how I normally describe an album, I must tell you about the music. Nicklas Sonne can certainly sing, and he does indeed with a conviction that is hard to find elsewhere. But he can one jolly also find out his instrument, and in cohesion with Frederik on the other guitar, Lars on drums and Thomas on bass, they create a mood and style, which makes you have to listen to the album again and again.

In "Ode to The Damned", you can hear a little inspiration from our Swedish brothers Band days in the past. With a quiet, melodious and heavy construction when it is to a point where you as a listener expect, it all sticks, but will pop-Nicklas up with a quiet tone of voice, punctuated by a little growl, only to be accompanied by guitar solos. The number, I think, sums up the whole album perfectly. Especially because it simultaneously manages to maintain a to constantly wanting more, never get enough and just need to hear it all one more time.

Where are we going?

DEFECTO, I can definitely see as one of the greats, if they get square for it. It is, alas, the great dilemma: do we Need to be faithful to his style and get the recognition that might be there, and might not reach out to the masses, or will they have to follow and go after the masses? I think clearly, DEFECTO has the ability to be in their genre. The here hodgepodge of progressive metal meets symphonic get a visit from death and destruction, before they write christmas cards together to power metallen.

Besides the potential hit in "Ode to The Damned" and "Endlessly Falling" seems the rest of the album, unfortunately, quite anonymously after prolonged listening. The same formula works used, and the band trying just a little bit to build on it, they were Excluded. This makes, I'm coming up on eight skulls, of the gennemspilningsværdien is still high, and there is the potential for something exclusive later.

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