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Overtures of Blasphemy - Deicide

Approved the proposal, but better luck next time

The period from the last plate, and until this has been the longest between the two Deicide album, and maybe that is also why the fact that I am a bit disappointed back. Especially since I would think that In the Minds of Evil delivered one of their best albums in the new millennium. This can by overtures of Blasphemy , unfortunately, does not quite live up to. Despite the errors and the immediate disappointment of the first impression grows the plate, however, at a and therefore has also a number of good pages, and it is not exactly the band's low point. However, I would hope for a little shorter wait until the next album and hope that there will be a bit more evil to find there.

Well-known blasfemikere

When it comes to death metal, Deicide one of the bands that almost does not need any introduction. Not because of the amount of legendary albums as for their blasphemy and anti-christian text and image. For most they are probably almost as well known for the frontman and bassist Glen Bentons many controversial interviews and opinions, as well as for his habit of to label inverted cross on the forehead of himself. But where is the Deicide so today? The music seems weak in comparison to their anger and uncompromising first plates?

New guitarist and renewed production

The ceiling, changes have certainly happened, and with approx. 30 years behind, perhaps it is also fair enough. One of the primary differences lies in the fact that leadguitaren have got significantly more playing time, which is seen in a more melodic songwriting, and definitely more guitar solos. This comes both as an advantage and a disadvantage for the band. The new lead guitarist Mark English has pity also scored something of an ordeal, since he has as little work to replace one of dødsmetallens perhaps the most legendary guitarists, Jack Owen, who played with Cannibal Corpse from 1988-2004, and with Deicide from 2004-2016.

It is perhaps here, he sometimes has to "overkompensere" a bit. It is not always that the melodic elements fit perfectly to the dark and satanic lyrics. Here you can among other things address the album's second song, "Crawled From The Shadows". It tremolopickede riff in the verses is well written and sounds as such also good, but is unfortunately a tad out of place in a Deicide song, as it is closer to the sounds go of something, we could have got from a band like Amon Amarth. His solos are also not always equally amazing, in spite of his technical skills. The single "Excommunicated" starts with a solo, which generally consists of a relatively predictable game over dimskalaen. This solo comes also again several times in the course of the song. This does not mean, however, that it is a bad song at all, since the rest works as it should.

For the whole does not go up in the hernia. There are a lot of good things to come after on the plate. A song like "Defying the Sacred" places, for example, with a guitar solo that best sounds part like something from the later plates from the Death. It works mighty fine, as in the verses, playing in a completely different style, and therefore they manage to give it their own personal touch. In general, as I said, a part of cool songs that take hold of, and we still get served a fairly solid game of death. This pales, however, a bit, because the album is very nicely produced and thus missing a bit of the brutal energy. When everything is heard so clearly and distinctly, it is, unfortunately, a part out of the anger expression, the plate will want to deliver. I understand easily that the bands follows with the passage of time, and it had also seemed a bit pathetic, if they still tried to maintain the kælderkolde lo-fi production from their first few albums. The band's previous album In the Minds of Evil , I would think was a good example of a well-produced plate, as it gave room for plenty of evil and aggression without having to grease up for an easier outdated lo-fi production.

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