Pacifisticuffs - Diablo Swing Orchestra

The weird becomes a little more strange

Svensken has always been known to try the slightly more weird things, and go to extremes in the different genres, and thereby push the outer limits of what can be characterised as a metal - in particular within the various subgenres. Typically there will be played with, how death and melodic can work together. In the Diablo Swing Orchestra (Hereinafter referred to as the DSO), it was the combination between swing and metal, which made them unique and perhaps even created a whole new genre; swingmetal.

The genre is perhaps, unfortunately, on the way out again, and back to the original swinggenre.

Why be notified of this plate then?

It is in our days not at all easy to define, what belongs to which genre, because a plate can swing (pun intended) from one subgenre to another, and even from the hovedgenre to hovedgenre. Some times can a band change direction and style from album to album, and even later in their career go forward and back between what they have tried before. DSO has been playing and playing very much in the experimental section of rock and metal, and with Pascifisticuffs there will be played even more - I will even say that their roots are presented much better.

Already in what would be åbningsnummeret, "Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)" it is clear where the style has gone for this album. It is far more dance swing is the dominant factor, where the plate is built up, somewhat in the same way as swing dance are coordinated. Speed on! A small kunstpause. Hurry on again! Kunstpause again. And so forth. In the same way is this plate made. Short, fast numbers, where a sea of guest musicians and all sorts of instruments from an era that is almost 100 years back in time, are made a part of the experience.

The fact that the DSO uses swing music to get us to travel back in time, and that they use a style that is so far away and is as old as it is, I think, works really well. The music, I think, is cozy, and the voices have a good cooperation and works excellent separately, even if there are three hovedvokaler and five supportive alone in the band. In addition, there are three gæstesupportvokaler and, as I said, an ocean of strange instruments and people to play them. In total, there have been 19 musicians inside of this plate. In addition, all of the production top. It is something of a logistical task to fight through, which just illustrates the experimental of the whole project.

But what is it then that we hear?

I'm a little ambivalent about the DSO's Pascifisticuffs, for it is a really good plate, it is fun, it has humor, it has speed over the field, it has a nice ballad and there are instrumental sides, where you can swing træbenet for a quick swing the little. It is as though I must not think that it is good music.

But that's it. Without doubt there has been jamsessioner and study time, where you have spent more time laughing over funny incidents, than on actually been productive.

I'm so in love with its dance and træskotrampende rhythms and its fun approach to music in the mixture of several styles, which usually would not have anything to do with each other, I land on the nine skulls of this album. Listen to it and tramp on it. Give it a chance and go into it.

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