Prevail II - Kobra And The Lotus

And then it becomes weird

Just the aforementioned song number two, "let Me Love You", finishing also the album in an acoustic version, where it works so much better. Kobras voice comes really into its own here, and I can't get rid, how good the voice is. But the weird thing comes here: There is even a third version of "let Me Love You", namely a translation to japanese, which is smoked on YouTube where the music video is peppered with one or the other, Kobra Paige-animeversion. It is the best of two worlds, colliding together in a music video.

In general, this is a really good disc, however, the composition of the flow, but otherwise I have not anything to stay on it. The individual numbers are really good, and there is talk about heavy metal, which can go right into to every celebration and create a good mood. All the songs can stand out and be a hit, so it to choose what should be launched first, must have been difficult. The choice of "Losing My Humanity" was very good, for it is to lure people to.

All in all, I end up on the eight skulls, mostly because of the imperfections with the order, which is a rock-solid project and a good handover from the first part of the Prevail-the double album.

One out of many, but still unique

Canada is known to spit out one qualified musician out after the other: Bryan Adams, Those-Who-Not-Must-Include, Neil Young, Him-As-Not-Be-Mentioned, Devin Townsend, Strapping Young lad, and, not least, Kobra and the Lotus. Though they, with Kobra Paige in the lead, moving in an abnormal genre than for the normal canadian musician, namely heavy metal, there is absolutely no less talent to find.

I have listened to the Prevail II and find it quite exciting as a project.

Solid created work

Kobra Paige is known for her voice, which just is so deep that she can fill the traditional heavy metal genre nicely. At the same time her texts in such a way that they bring one back to the early 80's. Already on the self-titled album Kobra and the Lotus was shown good tones, and was put into the stove for some of the greats. Later they came with the Prevail In the first part of a double album released with years in between. Something totally unique and rarely seen before.

Now we are at the Prevail II, which continues where Prevail In the slack, just with a good thread, lots of sharp riffs, phenomenal drumming, and so Kobra the Power of voice. The first single from the album, "Losing My Humanity", kicking one hard in the noble parts and provides, as a listener, want to shake by the hair and do the thing with the head, we all can. It is like putting a Ford GT and throw the cleat in the bottom: full speed ahead without any inhibitions.

Unfortunately, there is then the problem that I experience often. The composition of the order can sometimes ruin the experience for a listener. It is not so bad on the Prevail II, but I had probably not chosen the song number two as being a song about seeking one's beloved, and how one can capture this – not to talk about that song number three, "Ribe", is a strange and very quiet instrumental song. Ought to you might have rokeret around a bit on the order, so you are not starting with full crush and then slows down.

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