Psychosis - Mysarium

10 and 5 = 7

And here we come still forward to this plades big problem, that goes simpelhent too much acid effects and industrial users, and Psychosis loses completely running out of breath in the course of the second half. Although there are a few bright spots, such as the glorious "Judas Pariah", where we are back in known territories, so it's as if the Cavalera brothers eventually runs completely out of good ideas, and have had to fill the rest of the plate out with no matter the nonsense. Completely wrong it goes on the last issue, where they bring an unbridled tribute to them: "From beneath the underground slums of a third world, a two-headed brazilian Godzilla was born. Destined to leave a permanent soundsscars on all, under the pale grey skies. Hell. Chaos. Pandemonium. The massacre continues, and with no end in sight." Yes yes, Max and Igor. Fine enough, but is it not a little more cool to let the other stand for the same tribute?

The first half of the Psychosis is without a doubt a 10's, but the rest is unfortunately only for a 5'is, so we land at 7 lukewarm skulls to Los Cavaleros.

New from thrashens Pantheon

Not one bad word about Scott Ian, is possibly the most sympathetic man in the metal world at all, but there was a mistake, because someone designated The Big Four and decided to take the Anthrax. To Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer belongs to is no well disagree on, but number four is more open for discussion. Some say the Testament, others say Kreator and what I know, but forget now all about them, for it is the clear Sepultura deserve the space in the thrashens the Pantheon. From Beneath the Remains in 1989 and with Roots in 1996, Sepultura, the four unadulterated thrash masterpieces and showed that the genre can be so much more than endless Hetfield-, Mustaine and Hanneman/King-re-use riffs.

But after Roots , in 1996, it exploded the whole of Sepultura; Riff-maestro Max Cavalera progressed in anger and left the remnants to his brother, Igor. It was, unfortunately, never be the same for Sepultura, but Max held subsequent tab high in Soulfly and, not least, The Cavalera Conspiracy, which he in 2008, at last found, together with brother Igor again. Physcosis is the group's fourth album, and it continues largely with the Cavalera'happen emblems: Strong riffs, cool grooves infected with something industrial and a little brazilian rhythms.

Completely superior start

Psychosis starts for full curtains with "Insane" tonser off with the classic Cavalera riffs and plenty of both aggression and ingenuity. "Insane" goes directly into "Terror Tactics", which sets the pace even higher up. "We Fuck Up Your Life, Terror Tactics, Hypocrisy or Die!" proclaims the Box, while the song is about. halfway change completely the character, and after some slightly bizarre sound effects – suddenly goes into a classic, heavy, Sepultura - groove. A completely gun start on this album, but it gets better yet again a fluid transition leads to the disc's best number, "Impalement Execution", that lets all the known Cavalera items, go up in a higher unity: Riffs, grooves, infernal rage, religious themes and wacky effects. The incredibly high level to continue-in fact, some songs even, ; even on the "Spectral War", in the middle of it all going to sound like something that is – bizarrely – more belongs on Rush's sci-fi opus from 1976, 2112. Weird, but it works, and how it has often been with Max Cavalera through his career.

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