Red Before Black - Cannibal Corpse

Team Cannibal

So how is it really with Cannibal Corpse anno 2017? Is there still space on the metalscenen to the kings of clammy death, or they have been tipped by the stick of the younger and more bloodthirsty bands, as for example The Black Dahlia Murder? It is not something I have the answer to. Either live in the past and will in the past, or also acknowledge, that just because a band has a few years old, it does not mean that they should put kødøksen on the shelf. Red Before Black is a good plate, if you are into that sort of thing. And it denies I have not , I am. The high levels of production come all members to the good, and I love me a good old-fashioned battle death, of the old and vrisne kind. There is no fatigue a trace, and their sonic slaughterhouse reek still of the gratuitous violence and the like of the kind that paints with all the colors we have in the body. However, I could have liked the sound wasn't so sterile, but the bar more touch of rusty hooks, rather than surgical steel, but I will not let them lie to the last.

Cannibal Corpse eats its way through your brain on a little for the top-tuned album

Team Barnes

It just gets no more american death than Cannibal Corpse. After 29 years and 14 studio albums ought to believe, that the soon was getting old, but then no. They have neither turned down for hidsigheden or the grotesque and udpenslende horrorshow, their lyrical universe. But it is as if that brutality is selected from, in favor of a more polished production, and you can then discuss from here to the next album, whether it is good or bad.

Team Fisher

For Cannibal Corpse are not a band to take lightly. Either you have a whole arsenal of reasons as to why you really hate them, or you can argue for hours why you think they are absolutely amazing. And even among the declared fans, there is a schism on the size with the catholics and all others. Either you prefer Barnes' sovsede, almost vulgar, and, moreover, almost completely incomprehensible growls, or you to Fisher's more understandable, but still intimidating effusions. I will not reveal where my affiliation is, one thing is certain: Cannibal Corpse remains Cannibal Corpse, good and evil. But most good. Although the sound is a second ago the good old "Hammer Smashed Face"-days, and all are a little older, is the old howler monkeys have not been in a harsh or soft in their old days.

The number of "Heads Shoveled Off" is, as the title suggests, an honest attempt to achieve the same effect with the music, and the drums are dry as the blindly staring eyes, a head separated from the body. It sounds strange in my ears, calling Cannibal for catchy, old-school death metal is not exactly it, you swing its selected to on date night – unless, of course, is the kind of. So how, then, can one defend that a band at 30. year delivering one album after another, dripping of the excessive violence and gore, without it at a time becomes a trivial and perhaps a bit embarrassing? The first few albums got them banned around the world - mostly because of their music and not because of their lyrics, which no one could understand. But still, it is not primitive and overfed, as opponents of this type of metal might be led to believe. A number as the "Code Of The Slashers" can easily be interpreted as a samfundskritisk comment to our foolish consumerist, wrapped in texts that promise a painful death and a video, is enough to scare licensmanden, when he stands and peeks in through the glass pane. The number in itself is more classic Cannibal than I thought, they were able to, without losing yourself in the past of bloody mist, and already the intro bodes ill for the mood in the rest of the number.

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