Relics - CroCell

Open skull fractures

Relics have developed a little of the band's style, and has a more mellow sound than previous albums. The plate will not achieve full marks, but provides a hearty helping of blackened death metal, which certainly can compare with other bands on the Danish scene. There are very many cool passages, that in itself borders on perfect targeted metalangreb, and the Relics will definitely fall in the good soil of the band's fans. However, it lacks a little width and extra spice to to complement the brutal, but repetitive dødspassager.

Well-established indie darlings

Crocell places itself firmly in the new wave of Danish black metal. It has gradually become a well-established band has the past 10 years been a part of the Danish sortmetals core. The music is very conventional for the genre, and their three previously released albums have all been ensured with both screams, growls, chaotic rhythms and dark riffs. Seasoned with poetry, moving from the mythological middelaldermassakrer to the dark, psychological ondskabstrip, this has been a form that has worked quite well for the Aarhus band. Now comes the fifth album in the series, Relics.

Order in chaos

The song list on the Relics omens, what the listener has in store. The horrors of the past and what this involves of mysticism and evil is once again the theme of the Crocells bone-crushing music. We jump directly into one of the genre's favourite examples of "Black Death Redemption". As the name reveals, is about the devastating pestkatastrofe, which in the middle ages was an otherwise deeply religious humanity to doubt the existence of god. The song takes off at Crocell-fashioned way with tremolomelodier and a clattering blastbeat, which leaves a chaotic stemningsindtryk. After that, the cosmos is restored with a strong expressed vocal by Asbjørn Steffensen and some more heavy-handed grooves.

This balancing act continues throughout the album in different tempi, and to get through more of the past scares. Crocell have found a form that works quite well, but also gets a little too dominant. The kranierystende blastbeats works fine as a contrast to the band's well-produced grooves, but also threatens to hammer the songs from each other. As a runaway pladevibrator, which makes unevenness in the foundation. Trommernes asynchronous bashing is fat in small chunks, but on the Relics , it becomes a load-bearing factor, which is neither shocked or admire anymore after the first three calls location intensive use. There are several elements in the same way works well, but which, by repetition, lose the charm. Some songs break the style a bit, especially the slower "Last Dawn Duet" and "the World To Its End", there are some cool respite from the insistent snare drum.

When that gets commented on so much on the songwriting, is it because it is hard to put a finger on the rest of the album. As a pestbefængt monster drum with heavy production through the darkness of the past, who preached a vicious beast of a voice. And are all screws not shaken loose yet, banks in some merciless dræberriffs corpus in place again. "Conqueror's Tyranny", "the Plague Altar" and "Lucre Rise" can all be cited as examples of good, evocative numbers.

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