Secrets Of Nature - Coronatus

Three vocalists and a drummer walks into a bar

When you hit the Coronatus up the different locations, is actually not a band at the moment. There is Mats Kurth on drums, Carmen Lorch and Gaby Koss as the soprano voice and Mareike Makosch as clean vocals. It can not necessarily call a band - maybe more of a kind of symphonic association acapella with the roots in powermetal, there dragons out in the country and tells all sorts of strange stories.

Nevertheless, there was an album out of it.

It is not a revolving door, but a set of salondøre.

Coronatus occurred in 1999, while the first album was released in 2007. In all that time, until today, there have been 30 different musicians inside of. To try to find out who has been on which album and who have sung where and in what constellation, requires more concentration than to collect a Stjernekrydser in Lego. So I'm jumping easy and elephant over that part and focused on what we have to work with right here and right now.

As stated above, there are three female vocals, which each have their area, and something as funny as the same drummer since the beginning. The appearance you have a number of session musicians to handle the other instruments and male vocals. I wonder what they will do at the live performances? Enough about that.

The fact that they are playing with three female vocals and a simple male vocal, provides a strange mingling of that there should be room for all in a relatively short time. It may well make the listener a bit confused, because one must keep track of so many different voices, and finding out who represents what in which song. There are several situations where the voices proceeding out of the tone and you almost cut the face, that it could be allowed to get on the record, makes the experience even worse.

Be preserved, the music is true to its genre, and that is the speed, there must be, and from time to time the functioning of the votes in cohesion, as they should, but there are too many periods, in which the parts must operate alone, and it is not going. The album is at the same time built up the way that it directs its attention towards the international scene, but also the domestic German, with three out of the nine songs are in German, while the rest is in English. I personally think not it works. There should be a language, and then running the album on it. There is nothing wrong in making an album in the language you feel best in, f.ex. German, but it should not be mixed in this way.

"Major!" said the princess. "Away!"

Generally, the Secrets of Nature not anything to shout hurray for. In fact, there is very little good to say about it - it should just be the music, which will be put in the background of the high-pitched and weird vocals that do not work separately. Together, they have a slight advantage, because they can hide between each other, but the whole experience is being broken by vokalernes individual performance. To this I can't present anything other than the three skulls.

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