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Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire - Elvenking

Limited weaknesses become too apparent

Elvenking have long been and lurked between the power - and the people-metallen, but its footing is in the degree to become more solid in recent years. As a conclusion of this we have been given the Secrets Of The Magick Grimoirethat shows how power metal can still be relevant and experimenting refreshing much in an otherwise stagnant genre. There are a few weak passages, but to jump in the first game of the third song, can the majority be avoided. This count, however, with in the nature that ends on 8/10 skulls.

Epic and authentic powermetal

Elvenking manages, in contrast to many of the aging power metal-bands, to keep rolling. The northern band has hold themselves a little in the background of bands like Rhapsody and Hammerfall, who, with the same genre has achieved great success up through the 00's. Perhaps due to the band's folk-twist or a button so streamlined production, but the band manages, fortunately, to develop both musical and production. With unique studio albums, that is shot as eight lush buds on the Elvenking-the tree, there is a clear development of the band, contributing to the latest release Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire's timeliness. Here are scattered growls, crunchy riffs and authentic folk tunes, power-anno 2017.

Exciting techniques meet in the magical music

Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire kicking time in the Elvenking-the magic of the picturesque "Invoking The Woodland". Slowly unfold the spell with a effektfyldt cinematic intro that merges with power-melodic guitar playing after the classic form. A beautiful building, which will be released in the lead singer "Damnagoras" powerful first lines being sung as a Geddy Lee (Rush) in top form could do it. Førstenummeret continues at the same tempo with a catchy chorus and a nature-romantic text. With fortsætteren and the single "Draugens Maelstrom" keep your spirits high, and the foundation for a solid plate can be molded. That is strewn with exotic instruments and growl-lines out as tryllestøv over the atmospheric folkeriffs and choral parts, and Damnagoras's vocals occupy the new heights.

Unfortunately, the otherwise solid album, comes the first disappointment early. "The One We Shall Follow" has some of the right elements, but falls apart in some fragile passages. The melody, which carries introstykket, take some fejlskridt, and the chorus and the prelude thereto fade in comparison to what the rest of the record has to offer. Too bad that the song will have a prominent place at the front in the track list, when there waiting for more goodies afterwards. The writing is generally solid, if you ignore the album's few weak points that exist in obesity in the third song. So let us jump rapidly forward in the notification.

The song "A Grain Of Truth" stands out as the heaviest on the album with an interesting duet between growl-vokalens call and clean-vokalens wistful reply. Elvenking talk first with two votes, and indeed, there does come a kvindevokal and banks vokaldynamikken the very top. Growl vocals enter also in force at the end of the very varied "The Voynich Manuscript". The band's strong, folkemusiske background is presented in "The Horned Ghost And The Sorcerer" and "The Wolves Will Be Howling Your Name", where mystikfremkaldene folk tunes and instruments leaning against the progressive. Power-, extreme - and folkmetallen be combined in the most natural manner in the Elvenkings heretical medieval poetry, with a production that elevates the band's sound level significantly compared with the last plates.

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