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Sign Of The Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes

Have they reinvented themselves?

Leaves' Eyes is one of the pioneers of the gothic metal, and with six successful albums behind him, it is on album number seven, that they should show where the cabinet should stand. With a farewell to the charismatic singer, the Life of the Author, it is now up to the Finnish soprano, Elina Siirala, to be able to withdraw the sword and go out in the cold, nordic winds in the fight against the strong lake.

In and with that Life the Author was the founder and the dominant factor in writing the texts, it is with excitement in the fanhjertet, what direction the Leaves' Eyes choose to take, or whether they are able to be in the traditional saga-history of the direction in which they tell epic stories from the world around the nordic mythology and vikingesagaerne.

New, yet slightly old

Already from the start with the title track of sources, it is all in the right places. Yes, there is a new voice, but there is still talk about "Beauty and the Beast" in Elina with the soprano and Alexander Krull with a little growl here and there, perfectly supported by a metal chorus in the background. At the same time is "the Sign of the Dragonhead" a continuation from the King and the Kings following the Norwegian King Harald, and where there will yet be a surprise in the lyrics, as on this plate are written by Krull and guitarist Thorsten Bauer.

Just the lyrics going around in the Nordic Mythology, where we follow the Norwegian vikings around in the nordic countries in their process, in search of new land, new riches and treasures to their legacy. Even a quick visit to Iceland to talk with seersken, Loki, we get a glimpse in, before once again drawing out of the blue to follow her predictions. There is a strong story, but not necessarily a concept album, although there is a slight recurring theme, as the two new writers are doing great in my world.

The music. Oh, the music. Traditional instruments, such as nøgleharper, flutes, irish bagpipes and violins, mixed with epic guitar riffs, bass drums that get beat up by the other world, deep basrytmer and traditional metal growl. That is simply the best of both worlds: Metal mixed with celtic instruments and nordic mood. It is, so you can feel skumsprøjtet stand over the starboard side and the salty taste put out his beard. Here is an album of epic proportions.

It succeeded damn anyway

When I was made aware of that the Life Author had left Leaves' Eyes, I was actually sad, for I have followed them for many years, and have always liked her voice. It fitted to the mood and Krull's growls. Nevertheless it is so a delight to see that you can change out on the singer, without the fans crying out for to get the Original again. It is always dangerous to switch off in such a dominant position, but in this instance I think that Elina is doing just as good, if not better, as Life. Now it will be interesting to follow what the fans out in the world says, and what will happen in the future and with it I can only end on the ten skulls.

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