Soul Confusion - Blackshine

Pure metal with the diversity.

Blackshine is a thrash metal/death n' roll band from our Swedish neighbours in Sweden. They started under the name of Hetsheads in 1988, but changed its name to Blackshine in 1994. Soul Confusion is the name of their new album, which is the fourth in the stack.

The album starts out with the track "Moriendo Renascor", which is only a short intro of almost two minutes. A little unnecessary to have on the album, if you ask me. But the bold taste is it!

After the intro it's on to the first real track, "Solid Redemption". The song is built up of a good mix of thrash metal riffs, rock n' roll solos, but also a penchant for the melodic death metal, on the near of the vocals, which are pure rock n' roll and can be described as a less dirty version of Ronnie "Ripper" Olson (Turbocharged, ex-Gehennah).

You hear inspirations from many different sides of the metalgenren. That sounds a little Sodom, a bit of Motorhead and a little melodic death metal. The latter is sometimes too much for my taste, particularly in the chorus on The song "The Inferior". But, despite this, it is a good place hårdtslået and pure metal, as it should be. And I think it will appeal to many, because it is built up of old-fashioned riffs and raw vocals, and at the same time is also so well-produced and has some really cool and memorable chorus. Although Blackshine has only released four albums in their 25 year long career (if you count their years as Hetsheads with), it is obvious that they have got very erfering and put together a really good album, with a part in the diversity of.

But when something is good, typically something bad also. And in this case, it should be mentioned that the album can be very repetitive. But considering the genre and that there are 11 numbers, this is what you might expect. All in all, Blackshine delivered a really good game of metal, and it will, again, appeal to many different place. diversity.

Trakcliste: 01 - Moriendo Renascor 02 - Solid Redemption 03 - Soul Confusion 04 - Eternal Cold 05 - Holy Sins 06 - Booklet Silence 07 - The Inferior 08 - Carnal Destination 09 - The Reaper 10 - Life In Its 11 - Dead Blackened Hole

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