Swine Plague - Dead Head

Lard release from the Dutch thrash-pioneers

Long story short
Head/1521">Dead Head was formed way back in 1989, the same year they released a split demo tape together with the band Lethargy. In 1990 they had released their first own demo tape and later a live demo before the debut, the legendary, The Feast Begins To Dawn, as the light of day in 1991. So it is some experienced gentlemen, we have to do here, and it certainly can be heard with the utmost clarity.

The style is good old fashioned old school thrash, and I remember that at the beginning of the 90's, several sites were designated as being Holland's response on the Invocator. So at most is also the direction in which their penis is to find – at least at the time! Dead Head and Invocator has since gone a little in each their direction. Dead Head continues to have the slightly harder and more energetic form of thrash, where the Invocator was more melodious and polished.

Dead Head, incl. their latest offering, Swine Plague, not released more than six studio albums, where their previous was released in 2009. Thus, there has gone eight years since we last heard from these legendary thrashere.

The old damn, where the cupboard shall stand!
Swine Plague has really also been the long wait worth it, which is already made clear in the opener "Helhuizen", as angrily, vigorously and with enormous thrust power tells where the thrash-the closet must be. The plate continues the disc's best number, "Dühr", which manifests that Dead Head is back in the absolute form. A number that just moves through both intense and amazing show. For satan then, some riffs and a pace that filters everything that is called wimps and posers from. It smashes just everything! also my neck muscles, which have extraordinarily difficult to remain calm. The middle "Fortress of Greed" is also definitely worth mentioning as one of the coolest numbers.

As such there is nothing bad to find or criticisms of the significant nature of Swine Plague. Nice aggressive and insistent. No doubt that routine and a lifelong passion for thrash of the more aggressive and angry end of the scale shines through clearly here. Tom van Dijks snarling and angry vocals sitting right in the cupboard, along with the tremendously fat production, which appears raw, undiluted, and then customize dirty, in all ways highlights the cool riffs, the intense rhythm section and holds the listener throughout the record through. This is damn sure nothing less than a small masterpiece.

If you are into old school...
... So is it just to turn to here! If you are into bands as an internal examination is conducted, the old from Slayer, Kreator and Sepultura and Exodus, may Swine Plague just not be missing in the collection. It is, quite simply, old school thrash in the absolutely world class and definitely one of the coolest thrash releases in the year 2017. So much quality, so much anger, so many cool things in one place, not every day! – so just look to get the bastard ordered!

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