TCBT - Black Tusk

Nice sound drawn out

Black Tusk have a grip on their shit when it comes to swinging rhythms, brutal riffs and aggressive vocals. But they have to dare to be more than just that, when they write music. There are many good songs on TCBT, all of which will be able to create the wildest live-parties, but the band ends up mired in the same muddy track. They have found a sound that could take them far from 00 the sludge metal sound, but they must also dare to experiment with it, if they truly want to reinvent themselves. TCBT leaves me with a number of explosive numbers richer, but still with a slightly empty feeling that you have heard the same number played in many different ways.

From the south with the groovy metal

Black Tusk is a band that always stood in the shadow of other bands from our hometown. There are significantly more who know about the grammynominerede band Baroness' softer music in the same style, or the band Kylesas version of the genre with their female lead singer. All three bands have in addition to his homeland in Savannah, Georgia, a starting point in the sydstatens favorite genre, sludge metal. In spite of the success of others, one should not underestimate the Black tusk's aggressive angle on the genre. Of their previous five released albums, the last two, Set The Dial and Pillars of Ash, both been packed with a delicious metal music. Subgenre, however, has slowly lost the momentum, which reached to throw the bl.a. Mastodon completely up in the clouds. Therefore, there is much to prove for Black tusk's new release TCBT.

Less mud, more aggression

It is from the first through listening clearly to Black Tusk on the TCBT focus on the source of their inspiration in hardcoremusikken. The album is not completely cleaned of sludge, but it is its simple, confrontational powerakkordriffs, to remember. The sound barrier has been blown into pieces and is back as a scratchy foundation in the background for the disc's groove and melody. Intronummeret "A Perfect View Of Abselutely Nothing" beats the already stilskiftet fixed with a monologue in three ekkoniveau that turns the disc's attitude fast. Since the "Closed Eye" starts with the full confrontation already from its first seconds, you are already in the mood for the groove meets a. Black Tusk starts in medias res, and it works well for them.

It is generally Black tusk's constant high energy levels and swinging grooves, which carries the plate, which of the following numbers also stresses. "Agali" and "Scalped" has both full touch and puts the band's strengths to the public spectacle. Cool motorsavsriffs that cuts through a småskrattende sound to the tæskende trommers pushy rhythms. A good grouchy vocals that alternately screams and hisses its truths out. The track "Orange Red Dead", like the two already mentioned, also extra good fat in Black tusk's core values with its slower, but at least as aggressive verses. Is a total delight, gammen and the bold death, one is tempted to ask?

The answer to the above question is no. The plate is missing all the odd numbers; the wheels in dræbermaskinen end up sinking deeper and deeper down in the road mudderspor. TCBT has only a few numbers, which differs slightly from the exchange rate, and explores the band's borders. "Never-Ending Dynamite" has a slightly alternative riff, but it is a little tender on the variation. Sydstatsamerikanerne gives us eleven fast, aggressive hardcoresange, which in length are very monotonous, which is fatal to the otherwise fierce energy. You do not believe entirely on the spark anymore, when you have already been through ten versions of the same expression, which is also perhaps why, the first numbers come to stand clearest in the memory. There are several good songs, but one should prepare for a relatively one-sided listening, if one listens to the album from end to end.

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