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The Ballot or The Bullet? - Spitanger

The ballot or the bullet?

Directly translated, this is what the EP is called – which probably refers to the 16. century, when in Italy, used small, colored balls for secret ballots. Thus corroborated the the essentials of the lyrics of the three tracks it contains. The texts come the whole palette around raceligestilling, slandering, war, religionsfejder and terror, and they are offered by frontman, Mario Giovagnoli, with an energy, so one is not in doubt that he wants us to listen and understand the importance of what he sings. EP-releasefesten in January caught the attention of particularly the number "Two-Face" audience, and in studieversionen is this number just got even better, since Mario seems to put even more emotion in the performance, well supported by the instrumental, which only completes the experience.

I look with excitement forward to, that there is an album done on top of a so-produced EP. Their first album, Spitanger, was really good, but actually, I think that EP is better; there is no doubt that it is going the right way. The texts have been deeper, the mood for each issue is better located and the instrumental is topprofessionelt.

I don't think I need many more reasons for my character to the EP, other than that it went clean in, thoroughly substantiated by the above. If you are not only in love with the sound, but also with music with a message, so immerse yourselves in the texts – you will not regret it. Then you can sing with, when they play at the festival "Temple of Doom Days" in the Temple, Lyngby on Friday 16-03-2018. Once you have heard them, there is no way back....


It is no secret that I have been looking forward to this release ever since I went to the EP release party in Vermont for 2 months ago, and I must say, that I certainly was not disappointed. There's really been refined all that refined can – the plate just got an extra layer of varnish!

Refined sound

When I notified Spitanger back in January, I noticed that they had not quite been done the numbers on the place yet, and that they came a little out of touch in between. I love that they have been addressed, after that they went in the studio; it is clear that the guitarist Rasmus Toftlund not only can cast a spell on the strings but also at the mixer as a sound engineer. I strongly recommend to have a good pair of headphones or a good plant, when listening to the EP, so you can catch the full sound, for it caresses the ears of a music lover like me.

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