The Wake - Voïvod

Still going strong

The "new" guitarist Daniel 'Chewy' Mongrain plays great (he has actually been with for 10 years), and therefore the listener to completely forget the legendary Piggy. Led by the original trommerslager Michel 'Away' Langevin, rytmesektionen rock-solid, and lead singer Denis 'Snake' Belanger, sounds still like a cross between a grunge-rock singer and a karaoke-bodega-brandert. All in all, 100% unadulterated Voivod!

It may well be, there are a few dead spots on this album, and moments, that didn't quite live up to the general level, but The Wake is the best album from Voivod for many years. And if you are along the way of your through listening should hear a little Tool, Opeth or other bands that are trying to push to metallens limits, so do not be mistaken: it is the Voivod, who has inspired them, not the other way around and with the Voivods latest album, you can be sure that it continues on for some time yet.

Korgüll, Kluskap O'Kom, Morpheus and all the other...

Few bands in rock history is the genuine progressive. Most so-called progressive bands – their other qualities untold – follows a strict specific and often technical based formula, and what is progressive in it? But there are groups that constantly pushes the boundaries, and one of them is canadian Voivod. Since their debut War And Pain in 1984, they have more or less been a constant in the musical movement. 34 years and 13 albums have brought them through speed metal, thrash, prog, psychedelic, spacerock, and much else – usually with a both punket and an avant-garde approach to the music. If there is one red thread through from that of the canadians career, so it must be their love for prog-legends Pink Floyd, Rush and King Crimson, combined with metallens aggressiveness and ferocity. It has not always been good, but it is, as a minimum, always interesting. Voivod has lived in a part of artistic and human ups and downs along the way, not least as the founder, guitarist and main songwriter Denis 'Piggy' D'amour died of cancer in 2005, but impressive enough the band has been able to survive it too, and now appear as 14. album, The Wake.

Progressive, but still unmistakably Voivod

The overall theme of The Wake is what happens if - or perhaps rather when – humanity shuts on and off on fødeplaneten and has to leave the Earth forever. Although Voivod have just been praised for being in constant development, then one must admit that The Sillage sounds unmistakably like Voivod. Almost schizophrenic style and rytmeskift, lots of fuzzy guitar, but also funky basgange, psychedelic and even jazzy passages. All included it in one degree or another on most of the tracks on the album. At the same time, there are individual places an almost popped expression. It has never been the band's main force, but here on The Wake works flawlessly.

It all hangs so well together, that the album really should be heard from end to end. One hesitates, therefore, to highlight the individual songs, though. "The End Of Dormancy" is a completely superior musical performance in, what makes Marshal so special. It contains several style and shifts, than most bands can come up with on a whole album at a time it sounds even as if Tom G. Warrior has sneaked into the studio to join in the fun. The nearly eight-minute-long musical tour de force ends with a beautiful claustrophobic passage, where the main character wakes up, disoriented, and completely alone, far from the Ground. Mention should also the closing epic "Sonic Mycelium", which in its more than 12 minutes involving small melody and/or snippets of text from most of the songs on the album, and in this way ties it all together in a beautiful manner. We will even get an ending with a real string quartet to go home.

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