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Trident Wolf Eclipse - Watain

Refreshing conservative

We live in a time where black metal has become the new black. It must constantly be developed, interpreted and rethought, and therefore it is incredibly refreshing that Watain choose to deliver something reminiscent of the classic Norwegian satanic black metal, which may be conservative. Now, where the black should be as the mega progressive, it is almost reassuring and liberating, to Watain choose to run the "old school"style, especially on a tune like "Furor Diabolicus", where the intro could well be a residue from a Scene-slice. On album number six is Watain returned to their roots, which are just breeding grounds in Norway and the start of-the 90's, but also before it – namely, the classic "pre-black black metal" by Venom, Bathory and Celtic Frost. For under the layers of shouting and galloping bass drums and tremolo riffs, you can hear a rhythm guitar, that has some absolutely classic punk and thrash. This can be especially heard on tracks like "Ultra (Pandemoniac)" and "Nuclear Alchemy". It will be (almost) absolutely catchy at times!

Trve kvlt-checklist

The name Trident Wolf the Eclipse is a tribute to the band itself. It is intended to represent the symbols and thoughts, they even make use of, which is a little vague explanation and nothing does that I still sit and have the feeling that they have used a "black metal band name generator on the internet to find the title. But the hole in it! The music on the disc gives you almost everything you could want from the big box, as we like to call "black metal". If you are in doubt whether something is classical black metal, or "trve kvlt", you can almost sit ready with a little checklist and then tick, when you encounter the various items needed. If you actually are in possession of such a list (and I have a suspicion that some people are), so will the Trident Wolf Eclipse muddle through most of them and thus obtain the nationality in the box with the black metal. Is there a song about war, death and destruction? Check out. Is there such as black funeral, fire, animal blood, and lots of leather with spikes? Check out. Mentions the Antichrist? Check out. Is there nazistreferencer? Check out. There will be mentioned esoteric, mystical and occult elements as well as blasphemy and sacrilege? Check out. Are they satanists? Check out.

Less prog, more Norway

On their previous album, The Wild Hunt, got Watain a little on the backlog to have been progressive, melodic, slow, etc. The result of it was, to all progressive ideas were thrown overboard, which – in my opinion – perhaps not the smartest choice. Even though each song then it has its small quirks and microscopic unique elements, there's simply not enough difference between the nine songs, that, on the whole, can know the difference between them – not when they first started. So it can probably be that every song has a crazy intro or a skewed startrytme, but after the first 20-30 seconds drops the numbers a little down in the exact same groove. The most unique number on the plate is, however, quite clearly, the closing track, the epilogue to the Trident Wolf Eclipse, namely the "Antichrist Miracle", which has a clear Mayhem-atmosphere. The number is probably the most Norwegian of all the nine numbers. It is at the same time, a number, which despite its seven minutes, never really get started, but will continue to run the same atmospheric pace to the sound of a voice in a megaphone as well as church bells. It will be a completely hypnotic end to an otherwise fast-paced album, and it is not stupid! So, despite that it is not their most experimental, exciting or plate, however, it is still a thoughtful and well-executed dial.

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