Vale - Orden Ogan

Married to the music

The band describes their name with a concept from the Catholic Church in which a woman waives all his earthly goods, and devotes his life to the church until his death. It is a little bit the same, Black Veil Brides have done here. Renounced their earthly, "normal" life and staked everything on the music. With the slightly hoarse voice of Andy Biersack and the two guitarists Jinxx and Jake Pitts see it finally out on the band after a part of the seasons around in the beginning, has firmly established itself in a constellation, that must be followed to the grave.

Deviations from the traditions

Black Veil Brides has been around-in various genres – from metalcore, over glammetal/shockrock seasoned with a little gothic metal and heavy metal, so that the countries with the Vale, in something which can best be described as a heavy metal core-ish. It's as if you have read the instructions, to how the different genres should be played, pulled the things out you like best, and then made a whole new genre. But, in turn, deviates not from the traditions that are drawn from the original genres, be it the power ballad, the fiery guitar solos, the glamorous, the pompous, the different or the traditional.

Just the power ballad, "the Vale (This Is Where It Ends)", as the final number has been for me an awkward location, which nevertheless works quite well, having tested something new, and ends with something sensitive. Just like here they try something different than what the tradition prescribes, they are playing also with the traditions of the beginning of the album, where a short intro telling a very short story, about how they have been looking after their father, and they now have a følgeskare in the Legion Of The Black.

Then put all the senses in time, with a quiet buildup from the intro throws us out in a hjernesmeltende guitarsamarbejde between Jinxx and Jake Pitts in "The Last One", which puts the roots of the journey we go on, on the Vale. Just the journey leads us directly to "Wake Up", which could easily be an anti-Trump song, or it could be a soccer battle song for all the soldiers who are in war for the UNITED states and supported by the general population. Whatever are the tremendously catchy and could easily be a song, stroking in on the various lists around the world.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency that when Black Veil Brides finds a formula, then it must be followed to the letter. There must not be deviation from it, even if it is poor. The music is really good, and the production, I also think that is just in the closet, which gives space to both instruments and all the vocals in their different ways. There are few places, they break a little with the formula. We hear in the aforementioned powerballade, but also in "Our Destiny", where it is the drums that has the dominant role, and the guitars have the more underlying, supportive role, and only helps to create the melody.

When push comes to shove

I end up on the eight skulls of the Vale, as I think it is a really good plate. Good entertainment, it does not seem that the 12 songs, 46 min is too long, and will also be led through them in a good and workmanlike manner. The reason that I pull down a little, is its lack of potential to get me completely up to call. The ends to be too much background noise, where I have a tendency to want to do something else, while I hear the music. And so I do not like when bands contradict themselves on their numbers. The number they call "Ballad of the Lonely Hearts", is not a ballad, while "Vale (This Is Where It Ends)" IS a ballad.

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