We Are Hidden [ep] - Servi Diaboli

Unoriginal and boring black metal from Spain.

Servi Diaboli is a relatively new black metal band. The band was formed in 2011 by guitarist Armando Luiz. In 2011 they released a demo, and here in 2013 they have released the EP We are Hidden, consisting of four numbers, which I will now report.

The EP starts off very ligepå, a short intro followed by the very traditional black metal. There is emphasis on the bass, quite normal and boring riffs and blastbeat. The vocals are definitely not impressive, and the words are pronounced too clearly if you ask me, and that the Spanish accent can be heard, does not make it any better.

The mood throughout the EP are very difficult and confusing. One moment is the incredibly melancholic, the next spread there is joy in the mix. A bit like pregnant women. The production of the EP is rather good. It is not for rådt and not too fine. In mixingen is both the vocals and the bass, however, for the high, and the guitar was screwed up to trommeniveauet.

We are Hidden as such is not bad. It is just very uroriginalt and very boring. Of course, it is hard to make something unique and original today, but We are Hidden has the attempt anyway also not been there.

Tracklist: 01 - Sinful Souls 02 - The Night 03 - The First Night of a Vampire 04 - We are Hidden

Servi Diaboli - We are Hidden

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