We Will All Be Gone - Good Tiger


When progressive metal becomes finpoleret to such a degree, as is the case on We Will All Be Gone, and the result is 36 minutes of very bland semi-popped hard rock with sporadic cool riffs here and there. I'm tempted actually to believe, to put a band of this caliber to make elevatormusik, it would sound like this; it's fine and nicely, sounds razor-sharp and the people behind it are very skilled. But in the second you step out of the elevator or the dentist's waiting room – if you have forgotten all about it.
Talented musicians, sporadic, cool riffs and nice production, four small skulls.

If a rock band made elevatormusik...


Bland and quickly forgotten

We know it all. Sitting in the waiting room at the dentist and read a little in a magazine, while maybe once or twice and smiles at the cute dental assistant. Over in the corner stands an octagonal aquarium with goldfish and slørhaler. On one's right side is a table with some magazines. On the wall to the left there are small drawings by Bjorn Wiinblad and Per Arnoldi plus pictures from IKEA - one of them is, of course, the workers from the 1920s who eat their packed lunches, sitting on a ståldrager very high up.

That one sits and waits while you move around a bit in the square chair in stainless steel with the smooth and very rengøringsvenlige surface. And when you go home in the rain after having paid a small fortune for a teeth cleaning as well as an earful for not using enough floss, to turn the issue down. How, then, really out in the waiting room? Which color had the chairs, the walls and the floor? There was music? What photos were there? And what is the name of her the cute dental assistant? It is simply impossible to remember. Waiting rooms are so sterile and anonymous that no one can remember them afterwards. They serve the purpose that the users feel comfortable and satisfied and not much else.

Proggens handsome boys

Yes, dear reader, you have probably guessed it. We Will All Be Gone is like the waiting room at the dentist - nice, clean and neatly on the sterile way, but also complete devoid of the least bit of aesthetics or artistic edge. It is so bland, that you have forgotten all about it, in the second you leave it.

But let us start from the beginning. British Good Tiger saw the light of day for a handful of years ago. They consist among other of the two former, The Safety of Four-guitarists Derya Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles and former Tesseract singer Elliot Coleman.
In 2015 they released their debut album A Head Full of Moonlight. At the time, was the quintet from London on a more or less typical prog band, but now - with their second langspiller We Will All Be Gone - is the band's expression become more neat, sterile, and quite simply rather boring...!

In relation to debutskiven seems the band's sound more mature in this sequel. Where the songs in the past was characterised by fierce vocals, lots of overwhelming riffs, as well as small and large quirky technical fills all behalf, works the sound and the songs are now more mature. It is still the riff, and the little poppy alt-rock sound that dominates the song, but all of the compositions seems a lot more balanced than in the past. The technical fills are not completely gone, but it is the song, the melody and hooket, which is in the centre. It might create a more accessible plate and a more radiovenlig style, but it is good enough also boring. In fact, I can't really highlight some specific numbers, frankly speaking, flowing together, each and every one, in one big lot and shall constitute a tremendously well-produced and well-acted game of nothing.

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